Ray J Releases ‘I Hit it First’ Video: Is He Obsessed With Kim K?

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Ray J Releases ‘I Hit it First’ Video: Is He Obsessed With Kim K?

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Ray J

We had a hard time believing that Ray J's controversial single "I Hit It First" wasn't about ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Though he denied the connection, claiming that it "wasn't that serious," he's now released the video that makes fans beg to differ. In fact, we're having an even harder time believing that Brandy's little bro isn't completely obsessed with his ex. He's even cast a Kim K lookalike as his leading lady in the video, and she's perfected the reality queen's signature "pout." But that's not the only reason why we're questioning whether he's ever gotten over his scandalous relationship with the voluptuous star.

He's studied her wardrobe.

The "fake Kim" is wearing leather and lace in the video - a preferred combo of Kim's as of late. She was seen wearing the outfit with Kanye West in November 2012. She was photographed in a similar ensemble at least twice more in March 2013 -once in a short leather skirt with a lace blouse. She channeled her inner Stevie Nicks later that month by donning leather pants under a black lace gown with an empire waist, while promoting her film "Temptation" in Atlanta.

He's openly pining for her.

It's obvious that Ray J is proud of his relationship with Kim, as he grins like a Cheshire cat throughout the video. In addition to that, he says "I hit it" five times in the chorus. "No matter where she goes or who she knows, she still belongs in my bed," is another telling lyric in the song. Some may agree with his explanation that the song is a mere "concept." However, the home video recorder POV is also a blatant sign that he's celebrating their notorious sex tape.

More Proof?

Ray J plops a few other fun details into the video, like a pixelated image of a Kanye concert. He follows that up with a fake Kris Humphries going in for a jump shot. If you're still not convinced, just wait until 2:36, when two women who could be Khloe and Kourtney step out of a white sports car and enter the plane. The R&B crooner ends the video with a triumphant grin and a snippet from a mock reality TV show. Instead of a rotating "E" to represent E! Entertainment Television, a rotating "F" is featured in the corner of the screen. (Could that "F" stand for "fail?")

He's not the only one obsessed with Kim.

Alas, the "One Wish" singer doesn't appear to be the only one who can't get the brunette beauty out of his system. As soon as Humphries split from the reality star, he reportedly began dating another raven-haired vixen, Myla Sinanaj, who looks suspiciously like Kim. NFL player Reggie Bush has been linked to not one, but two Kardashian doppelgangers. He dated singer and actress Melissa Molinaro, and is currently expecting a child with girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan -- yet another Kim K clone. Some might even add Nick Lachey to the list. After divorcing pop star Jessica Simpson, he had a brief fling with Kim in 2006 - but then married Vanessa Minnillo. Coincidence?

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