Rapper Will.I.Am Turns 37: Birthday Trivia About the Entertainer

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Will.i.am was on "American Idol" last night to help the "Idol" kids with their songs.

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Will.i.am was on "American Idol" last night to help the "Idol" kids with their songs.

William Adams is celebrating his 37th birthday today. The performer is known to most of us as will.i.am. He is one of the most versatile entertainers out there. He sings, raps, and acts. He is also a producer and a businessman. With everything going on it might be hard for him to celebrate his special day. We all know him from his time with the Black Eyed Peas. But how much do you know about will.i.am beyond that? Here is some trivia about the entertainer.

1. In 2009, will.i.am had a role as a mutant in the movie "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." The character was named John Wraith. What special power did he have?

2. In 2010, will.i.am had a cameo in a popular comedy starring sitcom stars Steve Carell and Tina Fey. What was name of the movie?

3. The singer has done voice work in two wildly popular animated movies. Which two movies can you hear his voice?

4. In 2006, will.i.am started recording music with one of the biggest stars ever. However, the tracks were never released. What musician did he work with on these songs?

5. In 2011, will.i.am wrote and performed a song on Britney Spears' album "Femme Fatale." What song did the two work on together?


1. In the movie, John Wraith had the ability to teleport from one spot to another.

2. The film was called "Date Night." Carell and Fey play a couple that spots the entertainer at an upscale restaurant and try to stage pictures with him. They later pose as members of his entourage.

3. In "Madagascar 2: Escape From Africa," will.i.am voices a hippopotamus. In the movie "Rio" he provides the voice of a cardinal.

4. Michael Jackson and will.i.am recorded music together before the singer died. However, the rapper says he will not release them unless Jackson's mother gives her blessing.

5. The name of the song is "Big Fat Bass." He also served as a producer on the song. He is credited as William Adams for his writing effort.

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