Randy Jackson Says Goodbye to 'American Idol' - His Most Memorable and Ridiculous Moments

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Randy Jackson Says Goodbye to 'American Idol' - His Most Memorable and Ridiculous Moments

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"American Idol" judge Randy Jackson in 2009.

It's finally official that "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson is leaving the show. After twelve seasons of critiques and craziness on the reality series, the music aficionado is moving on to his own projects. "I am very proud of how we forever changed television and the music industry," he explained during his recent announcement. Love him or hate him, the veteran judge has made his mark on popular culture. Here are some of the highs and lows that stood out for us:

His Fashion Statements: Aside from his shouts of "Yo-Yo-You!" and frantic gesturing, Randy often drew attention to himself on the "American Idol" panel with his interesting sartorial statements. With a love of bold colors, wild patterns and unusual jewelry, the long-time judge's clothes often seemed to be speaking as loudly as he was. Sometimes the result was boldly chic, like the peach and navy number pictured here. Other times it was, well, a childish disaster.

And while he clearly has an appetite for playing with fashion, it turns out his thoughts on the subject are just as "deep" as his music critiques. "I need hot clothing!" he exclaimed to an interviewer on Zappo's Couture show The Trend. "So do you!" he adds helpfully.

His Catch Phrases: Anyone who's ever watched even a single episode of "American Idol" knows the veteran judge for his repetitive use of catch phrases. There's the heavy circulation of "Yo!" and "Dawg." There's the catch phrase turned Twitter hashtag, "Inittowinit!" reserved for only the most special contestants of the night-- which is usually 90 percent of them. But perhaps most well-known is the made-up word that has now permanently entered the "AI" vocabulary: "pitchy." Here's a compilation video of merely a fraction of his uses of this vague critique.

Smacking Contestants in the Face: Sometimes acting energetic and crazy can land you in trouble. During Season 10 of "American Idol," Randy Jackson ran through a group of contestants, high-fiving all the way. Then he got to "Idol" hopeful Molly DeWolf Swenson, and he high-fived her face. You can watch video of the big oops, which luckily didn't cause any serious harm. Molly got her revenge by putting Randy on the spot during her audition over the incident, and the slap-happy judge seemed to curb his high-five habit after that.

Inserting Foot in Mouth: Catty "American Idol" reviewers have always had plenty of material from The Dawg each week, especially in moments where his catch phrases abandon him and he's left with only random words that sometimes turn an embarrassing or inappropriate corner. There are awkwardly pervy comments about young contestants' booty shorts. Then there's rambling his way into racial stereotypes, as TVLine humorously explored in their video recaps. Let's not forget the unduly harsh critiquing of cult fave contestant Haley Reinhart, adding insult to injury by using air quotes when saying "the great Michael Jackson."

Actually Performing on Stage: One of the things that often got lost in the nonsense of the Randy persona on "American Idol" was that he was actually an accomplished musician. One of the true highlights of the judge's tenure on the reality show was when he actually got to perform on the stage, accompanying guest Mary J. Blige in a set for "Idol Gives Back." You can catch him jamming on the bass guitar in the video here.

What will you remember most about Randy's stint on "Idol"?

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