Rachel Zoe's Collection Pulled from U.K. Stores & Other Celeb Clothing Flops

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Rachel Zoe's Collection Pulled from U.K. Stores & Other Celeb Clothing Flops

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Rachel Zoe

Apparently British fashion fans aren't going "bananas" over celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe's fashion line: U.K. store Selfridges is dumping the line, according to The Daily Mail.

"Rachel will not be doing any public appearances in London. Her London launch didn't go as well as she'd hoped," a source told the newspaper. "Selfridges dropped her clothing line because it was very expensive. They still have her shoe collection but the clothing line wasn't as successful as hoped."

Luckily, the store is keeping her shoe collection, so all is not lost for the 40-year-old rail-thin fashionista. Zoe can take solace in the realization that she's not the only celebrity to release a clothing line that flopped.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's collaboration with the designer line Ungaro on the fashion line 8126 seemed like a good idea at the time, but he obviously overestimated her star power. The line was a complete flop after it launched in 2009 - it was called an "embarrassment" with "cheesy and dated clothes."

"Being a young, pretty, controversial woman who looks good in clothes and photo ops just isn't enough . . . Lindsay, it's time to get serious about the acting career," Women's Wear Daily said at the time.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez might have a successful clothing line at Kohl's now, but her foray into higher fashion didn't end up going as well as she hoped. The line - Sweetface - started out strong with revenues topping $200 million in 2006, but it steadily declined from there. She eventually dropped the line in 2009.


Outkast's Big Boi and Andre 3000 are known for their out-there fashion choices, but their own fashion line failed after they admitted they wouldn't wear their own designs.

Don't worry, though: Andre 3000 is getting back into fashion with his own line, Bixby.

"It's going to be real exciting, I can't say too much about it, but I can say this year and next year there's going to be a lot of cool things coming from me fashion-wise," he told GQ earlier this year. "Bixby is one of them. Also musically, sound-wise, and fashion. You'll see a lot of releases."

Lauren Conrad

Former reality star Lauren Conrad - like JLO - is now successful with a clothing line at Kohl's, but her first fashion line folded after just a couple of years. The line - sold at such L.A. hotspots like Kitson - was criticized for being boring and unoriginal. She ended it in 2009, but she's back and bigger than ever in the fashion world.

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