Rachel Weisz Celebrates Birthday: Trivia About the Actress

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Happy birthday to Rachel Weisz.

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Happy birthday to Rachel Weisz.

Actress Rachel Weisz turns 42 years old on March 7. The popular English actress is one of the most stunning beauties on the big screen. She has been a popular actress for nearly 20 years. Things are going quite well for the birthday girl. She is married to actor Daniel Craig and continues to land big roles in movies. How much do you know about her career? Here is a look at some birthday trivia in honor of Rachel Weisz.

1. In 1999, Weisz had a breakout role in the popular action movie "The Mummy." She played a savvy Egyptologist that went on a quest with Brendan Fraser's character. Both actors returned in the sequel as husband and wife. What were the names of the two lead characters in the movies?

2. In 2001, Weisz began a long romance with director Darren Aronofsky. However, she didn't star in one of his movies until 2006. What film directed by Aronofsky featured Weisz in a major role?

3. Weisz earned an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the 2005 film "The Constant Gardener." What popular British actor played her love interest and the lead in the movie?

4. What 2007 comedy feature Weisz in the role of a parking officer that was also the girlfriend of Vince Vaughn's character?

5. In 2009, the actress appeared as the wife of Mark Wahlberg in the hit movie "The Lovely Bones." What Oscar winning director was behind the camera for the movie?


1. Weisz portrayed Evelyn Carnahan while Fraser portrayed Rick O'Connell. Weisz did not return for the third movie in the franchise.

2. Weisz played the main female character in Aronofsky's film "The Fountain." The film also starred Hugh Jackman.

3. Ralph Fiennes starred opposite Weisz in "The Constant Gardener." The Oscar was just one of several acting awards that the actress earned for the movie.

4. Weisz played Vaughn's girlfriend in the family comedy "Fred Claus."

5. Peter Jackson directed "The Lovely Bones." He is best known for directing the famous "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

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