'Pulling a Tiger Woods' and Other Celebrity Behavior Catch Phrases

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What does it mean to "pull  a Tiger Woods"?

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What does it mean to "pull a Tiger Woods"?

When a blog headline blared "LeAnn Rimes' Divorce Is Official After Pulling A Tiger Woods On Dean Sheremet" even readers who lived under a rock knew the article likely revolved around an extra-marital affair. Tiger Woods' philandering is so notorious that "pulling a Tiger Woods" has become synonymous with cheating on one's spouse. In fact, Woods' propensity to cheat is so well known that another blogger even used the phrase "pulling a Tiger Woods" to mean cheating on one's diet.

The champion golfer is not the only celebrity whose behavior has yielded a popular new catch phrase. Urban Dictionary, a website that logs language that emerges from pop culture, contains entries related to various stars' behaviors. For instance, pulling a Matthew McConaughey happens when a "ripped male . . . goes shirtless in situations where shirtless attire is entirely unnecessary." "Pulling a Palin" has multiple meanings, including quitting a job before it's done, writing notes on your hand and rambling when you don't know the answer to a question. And "pulling a Tyra" means bringing every conversation back to your favorite topic -- you.

Of course, not every celebrity behavior has ventured into the vernacular -- yet. To get the ball rolling (golf or otherwise), we have created a few catch phrases we think could catch on.

Pulling a Kelsey Grammer: Finding a way to keep your wife busy so you can have an affair.

Pulling a Tom Cruise: Showing excitement by jumping up and down on a sofa.

Pulling a Pippa: Upstaging your sister at her wedding.

Pulling an Oprah: Starting a company so you can create jobs for all your best friends.

Pulling a Madonna: Forgetting to finish getting dressed and then acting like you meant to wear just your bra all along.

Pulling a Chelsea Handler: Feuding with people to get attention.

Pulling a Ryan Seacrest: Seeming to be everywhere at once.

Pulling an O.J.: Getting away with something big only to get caught doing something stupid later.

Pulling a Natalie: Pretending you did something you didn't do. Also, shaving your head.

What celebrity behavior catch phrases do you think should catch on?

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