Proposition 8 Declared Unconstitutional, Celebrities Celebrate Twitter Style

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Olivia Wilde tweeted her happiness about the Prop 8 decision.

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Olivia Wilde tweeted her happiness about the Prop 8 decision.

Following the February 7 2-1 decision by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals declaring unconstitutional California's controversial Proposition 8, a voter-approved measure which bans same-sex marriage, a host of celebrities young and not-quite-as-young took to Twitterverse to express their thoughts. Here's a sampling of what some of Tinsel Town's brightest stars had to say.

Kelly Osbourne shared " Are my ears hearing this corectly? If so my eyes are filling with tears of joy! thank you lord #Prop8IsUnconstitutional!"

"Courts just AGAIN declared Prop 8 unconstitutional...CUZ IT IS!!! Supreme court, here we come! our birthright! Its about time!" -- Adam Shankman

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres wrote " Today we took another step towards equality. #Prop8 was found unconstitutional again. I couldn't be happier."

"No #prop8 !!!! Yay for equality! :) :) :) Happy Dance!" -- "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, "Hairspray" actress and talk show maven Ricki Lake

Olivia Wilde Tweeted " Woohoo!! Die Prop 8 Die!!!! 9th Circuit just ruled you unconstitutional. Next step Supreme Court!"

"Prop 8 Verdict JUST in!!! The Ninth Circuit has ruled that California's Proposition 8 is unconstitutional!!!!!! Yes!!!" -- Gossip King Perez Hilton

Haylie Duff wrote " Prop8 ruled unconstitutional! Love it! Must be our protest signs!lol@DebbieGibson @DrewRendell @RyanOConnor"

"#EqualityMatters #pride RT @nytimes : Court ruling on #Prop8 all but ensures case will proceed to Supreme Court." -- Sophia Bush

Jason Biggs quipped " Great week to be a gay or a giant. #Prop8 #Champs"

"#Prop8 overturned! Punching the air right now." -- Elizabeth Banks

Jonathan Knight cited history as he shared " Rosa Parks was eventually able to sit at the front of the bus....Women are now able to vote!....Equality ALWAYS wins!"

"Amazing news about prop 8 being declared unconstitutional!!" -- Reality star Kristin Cavallari

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