Would Princess Diana Have Liked Kate?

Diana's 50th Birthday Sparks the Question

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Prince William & Kate Middleton kiss on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

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Prince William & Kate Middleton kiss on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

The seemingly eternally youthful Princess Diana would have turned 50 on July 1, 2011. Her son, Prince William, recently wed Kate Middleton. Would Princess Diana have liked Kate?

Diana Would Have Loved Kate

Sarah Ferguson, Princess Diana's former sister-in-law, thinks Princess Diana and Kate Middleton would have been great friends. She told television host Piers Morgan that Diana would have seen Kate as the daughter she'd wanted but never had, and said that Diana would have watched Prince William and Kate's wedding with "total pride."

Ferguson cites Diana's love of fashion and shopping, and feels that she and Kate could have bonded over these hobbies.

As a longtime royal watcher who first became interested in the Royal Family through Diana, I have to agree that I think Diana would have liked Kate. They both seem like down-to-earth, "normal" girls, although Kate is more "girl next door" than Diana ever was. Diana's father, after all, was an Earl. Kate's father began as a flight attendant before opening the party business that the family currently runs.

Most of all, I think Diana would have liked Kate because Kate seems to make William so happy. Diana did not know much peace in her personal relationships, and I think that even if Diana wasn't inclined to like Kate, she'd put those feelings aside in order to ensure her cherished child's happiness.

Diana Would Not Have Liked Kate

So let's play devil's advocate. There are some legitimate reasons why Diana may not have been totally enamored of Kate Middleton.

Despite her giving nature and her "People's Princess" accolades, Diana had a darker side. She could be quite jealous and manipulative when it suited her purposes. One has to wonder how she would react to the young, beautiful Kate appearing on the scene and stealing all the attention. Also, would Diana have felt intimidated by Kate's college degree? Diana was famously insecure about her mental abilities, once dubbing herself "thick as a plank."

Piers Morgan asked Sarah Ferguson about this issue when he interviewed her. Would Diana have been jealous of all the attention Kate is garnering? Not at all, according to Ferguson.

Sadly, we'll never know. Had she lived, Diana may well have felt jealous of Kate's youth and beauty, and yet what we know of Diana suggests that she would have aged well and continued to serve as a wildly-popular style icon herself.


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