Prince William 'Not Impressed' with Harry's Nude Photos - Why We're Team Harry

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Prince William 'Not Impressed' with Harry's Nude Photos - Why We're Team Harry

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Is the spare heir having too much fun?

Prince William of Wales is disappointed with his brother Harry's nude photo scandal. As a royal insider reports, "William was told about the photos this morning. He's not impressed."

Poor Harry is in a world of trouble, not only with the royal family, but also with the army. As a military source explained, "he will be reprimanded...This type of behavior is not expected of someone his age and rank. They will call him in when he gets back and want to talk to him about it."

We're going with Team Harry on this one. Here are a few reasons why think the guy deserves a break.

1) Is William really "not impressed"?

We like Will, and we feel for him. It must be a lot of pressure always having to be the goody-two-shoes while his brother gets to have all the fun. While Will was off saving injured tourists, Harry was off partying in Vegas.

Still, we weren't expecting Will to go schoolmarm-y on his brother. Perhaps William is obligated to tow the royal party line in order to put up a united family front. Who knows? Maybe Will and his wife, Kate Middleton are privately having a good laugh over the whole thing!

2) Harry is a good guy

Sure he has a wild streak, but Harry has proven that he can step up to the plate when it matters most. He has served his country in Afghanistan and has done great humanitarian and charitable work throughout his career. He also conducted himself beautifully in high-profile events such as his brother's wedding, the Queen's Jubilee, and the Olympics.

3) He didn't really do anything wrong

Harry is a single 20-something guy who was having fun in the privacy of his hotel room. It's not like he was cheating on anyone or publicly streaking. If anything, blame the lowlifes who felt the need to memorialize his wild weekend in Vegas.

We're all for Harry having a little good clean fun, but next time, he might want to tell his guests to leave their camera phones at the door.

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