Prince Harry Naked Pics Rock Royal Family: Other Royal Scandals

Prince Harry is the Latest Royal, but Not the First, to Behave Badly

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Prince Harry Naked Pics Rock Royal Family: Other Royal Scandals

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Prince Harry -- here seen fully clothed -- gives a speech. Harry has been in the news lately because …

It's a pretty safe bet that Queen Elizabeth is Not Amused, not even a teeny little bit, with her grandson, Prince Harry. Harry was caught not only with his pants down, but with them missing entirely at a recent party in Las Vegas.

You could say that the House of Windsor is prone to scandal. In fact, if it weren't for the scandal of his great-great uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicating in 1936 to marry the divorced and re-married woman he loved, Harry wouldn't even be in his current position of third in line to the British throne.

Let's take a look at some of the royals' more recent scandals.

Princess Diana and "Squidgygate"

Maybe the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? Harry's mother, the late Princess Diana, was unhappy in her marriage to Prince Charles for years. Yet officially, the fairy tale was still a reality. All that came crashing down in 1992, when tapes of Diana talking with James Gilbey were made public. Gilbey told Diana "I love you" during the call, and referred to her as "Squidgy" 53 times. To the proper royal family, such an indiscretion was unthinkable.

Prince Charles and "Camillagate"

Harry's father, Prince Charles, wasn't innocent either. Shortly after Squidgygate, tapes surfaced of Charles speaking with his own love interest (and current wife), Camilla Parker Bowles. The conversation featured Charles professing his love for Camilla, and it took a totally embarrassing turn when he expressed the wish to be her tampon, so he could be close to her always.

Prince Andrew and Koo Stark

Harry's uncle, Prince Charles' brother Prince Andrew, has given the royals reason for concern more than once. Perhaps that's the tradition of royal second sons? Andrew was always more laid-back than older brother Charles, and he had quite an eye for the ladies. His relationship with soft porn actress Koo Stark during the early 1980s was something the family could not allow.

Fergie and Toe Sucking

Prince Andrew went on to marry Sarah Ferguson, but "Fergie," as she's known, was another ticket to scandal for the royals. In 1992, the couple was separated although still married. Fergie was photographed sunbathing topless with an American businessman, who was seen kissing her toes. The British were outraged at the "toe sucking" episode.

Fergie has kept herself in the news, even though she and Prince Andrew divorced amicably in 1996. Perpetually in need of money, Ferguson was caught on tape in 2010 offering an undercover journalist posing as a businessman access to her ex-husband in exchange for a quarter of a million dollars.

So perhaps Prince Harry is just living up to the examples that he has seen. The throne may appear an unlikely future, and he's not exactly able to get a job as a plumber or an accountant. What's a royal second-born to do, if not create a little publicity?


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