How Prince Charles and the Royal Family Feel About Kate Middleton's Pregnancy

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Prince William and Kate Middleton Will Announce Their Baby's Birth in a Really Low-Tech Way

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Kate Middleton may be the more famous sister, but her sister Pippa Middleton has just as good of tas …

Millions of people have weighed in with their thoughts about Prince William and Kate Middleton's future child, but no one ever really asked Prince Charles what he thought about becoming a grandfather.

Until now.

BBC 1 asked the Prince how he feels about becoming a granddad for the first time.

"It's a lovely thought, and I look forward enormously to that relationship with a grandchild," the 64-year-old said.

However, he does admit that the title makes he painfully aware of his age.

"Of course it does," he replied when asked whether or not have a grandchild makes him feel old, "because you can't believe, to a certain extent, that it's going to happen in your life."

We like to think that Prince Charles will be a doting grandfather to his future granddaughter or grandson.

What else is the royal family saying about the new addition?

Prince Harry

Prince Harry was in Afghanistan when Wills and Kate announced the pregnancy, but he did finally make a few comments when he finished his tour of duty in February.

"It's about time," Harry joked about the pregnancy. In all seriousness, though, the 28-year-old Prince said that he's "thrilled" for his brother and sister-in-law and want them to have happiness and peace.

I just only hope that she and him - but mainly Catherine - hopefully that she gets the necessary protection to allow her as a mother-to-be to enjoy the privacy that that comes with," he said. "I seriously hope that's going to be able to happen."

Other Kate Middleton Pregnancy News

Could Kate and William be expecting a girl? That seems to be what a few fans thought after meeting the Duchess of Cambridge at the National Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby, England, on Mar. 5.

"We're not telling," Kate told a fan when asked to tell the gender of the child.

Another onlooker, Sandra Cook, said she asked about the girl rumors.

"I said to her: 'You were going to say daughter weren't you?' and she said, 'No, we don't know.'"

One thing she would admit: The baby's been kicking up a storm.

"I asked [Middleton] if [the baby] has been moving or kicking," another onlooker said. "She said: 'Yes, it is. Very much so.'"

Maybe this royal child will play soccer instead of polo?

One Thing We Know for Sure: Kate Middleton Doesn't Accept Free Clothes

We can't talk about Kate without mentioning her fashion. The mom-to-be continues to slay with her pregnancy fashion choices - she's even been spotted shopping for budget gear.

And now we know why: Middleton only pays for her clothes.

"She doesn't take free clothes, and I've heard that from other people who sent her things," designer Katherine Hooker told The Huffington Post.

A Duchess on a budget? Love. It.

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