Preview Ryan Kwanten's 'New Girl' Gig

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Preview Ryan Kwanten's 'New Girl' Gig

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Preview Ryan Kwanten's 'New Girl' Gig

True Blood has flaunted Ryan Kwanten's body from day one, but his upcoming guest spot on New Girl gives him the opportunity to flex a muscle we've yet to see from the actor: his funny bone.

Jess is on the prowl for a one night stand since this is her first solo Valentine's Day (also the episode's title) in six years. Enter Ryan's Oliver! Wait, that sounded wrong.

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Jess picks Oliver up at a bar, and as you can see in these sneak peek clips, he's exactly what she's looking for: someone there is absolutely no emotional or mental connection with. But there's definitely a physical connection. I mean, look at him. A piece of string would stand at attention for Ryan Kwanten.

New Girl airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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