Possible Female Casting Options for the 2013 'Carrie' Remake

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Director Kimberly Peirce brings us yet another adaptation of the Stephen King classic story, "Carrie"-set for release in March 2013. The world is often tough on remakes. One reason is that it's often difficult to cast new characters in roles that have become so iconic. It's unclear whether the remake will follow Brian De Palma's 1976 vision. As it stands, several standout Hollywood ladies have been lined up for the production. But it's always fun to imagine which other celebs might also bring "Carrie" back to life…

Sue Snell: Gabriella Wilde

Alternate Actress: AnnaLynne McCord

Some are concerned that actress Gabriella Wilde (of "The Three Musketeers" fame) doesn't look "teenagerish" enough for the role of Sue Snell, Carrie's popular high school classmate (portrayed originally by Amy Irving). That she looks a bit too old to be Carrie's (Moretz) friend is debatable. Amy Irving was around the same age as Gabriella when she was cast.

AnnaLynne McCord is accustomed to playing snide, yet sensitive characters (example: "Nip/Tuck"). She's also sported tight curly locks similar to Irving's famous mane. As such, she might easily tackle the semi-complicated role of Carrie's nemesis-turned-friend.

Miss Collins: Judy Greer


Actress: Glenne Headly

Film and theater legend Betty Buckley took on the role of Miss Collins in Brian De Palma's 1976 production. Serving as an emotional refuge for Carrie, this character's peripheral presence shouldn't be overlooked. As such, Judy Greer's extensive roster of work makes her a good choice. However, fellow redhead Glenne Headly's ("Dick Tracy", "The Joneses") sassy yet sweet on screen demeanor would be perfect for playing the sensitive coach.

Chris (Christine) Hargensen: Ivana Baquero


Actress: Olivia Thirlby

Ivana Baquero shall become Chris (the one responsible for Carrie's bloody prank), the role originated by actress Nancy Allen. Though the Spanish actress is best known as the little girl from "Pan's Labyrinth", it probably won't take much effort to pull off the mean girl. Nonetheless, it might be interesting to see Olivia Thirlby take another turn as a snarky high school student. She's not exactly a dead ringer for Allen either. But with her sultry look and sarcastic acting style, Thirlby could easily be spun into a conniving Chris.

Margaret White: Julianne Moore

Alternate Actress: Catherine Keener

Julianne Moore may prove to be an excellent casting option as Carrie's creepy mother. But "Friends with Money" actress Catherine Keener knows a thing or two about playing deranged characters. She proved her dark side in the true story-turned-film "An American Crime"-based on the murder of teenager Sylvia Likens. So, it's quite possible she could pull off Carrie White's delusional mother.

Carrie: Chloe Moretz


Actress: Saoirse Ronan

"Boys Don't Cry" director Peirce already scored Chloe Moretz, who happens to be quite well versed in horror fare ("Let Me In", "The Amityville Horror" and "Wicked Little Things" are a few.) If we're to assume that the film will follow period format, it might have behooved casting execs to look at Saoirse Ronan, an equally dreamy young actress with a fearless approach to her craft, who is close in age to Moretz. When it comes to capturing the tenderness of Sissy Spacek's 1976 performance, "The Lovely Bones" actress might be an excellent option. With those piercing eyes and ethereal nature, she probably could have nailed Spacek's renowned character. Her spin in "Hanna" also proves that she can tackle cinematic grit.

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