Are Plus-Sized Female Celebrities Invisible Until They Become Smaller?

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Jennifer Hudson was already fabulous when she won her Oscar.

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Jennifer Hudson was already fabulous when she won her Oscar.

Female celebrities who shrink before our very eyes seem to miraculously embody the adage that "less is more." As their dress sizes decrease, they magically appear on magazine covers, on daytime interviews, and on sexy Top Ten Lists. And who can argue with healthy weight loss? Watching our favorite celebs shed unhealthy pounds is one of the delights of the entertainment world. We look up to these women, clinging to their diet habits (or endorsements) in hopes that one day we'll look just as stunning in a Herve Lager wrap dress.

"American Idol" alum Jordin Sparks, known for her cherubic personality and impressive pipes never really faded from the spotlight. But now that she's flaunting her slimmer curves in bikinis and the like, she's been automatically placed in the "Hollywood banger" category. Ironically, the bubbly singer isn't a spokesperson for a weight loss plan, and has admitted that instead of dieting, she's simply become more active.

Singer/actress Jennifer Hudson was well respected and admired while she was a size 16. But even she admits that people are "nicer" to her since her physique entered single-digit sizes.

" -- I'm offered more parts. There is much more excitement about me now," Hudson told, Grazia Magazine.

And she's not lying. The paparazzi seems much more interested in catching the "Dreamgirls" star on her daily runs, now that her slumming gear is a bit more couture. Magazines can't seem to get enough of her, making constant reference to her miraculous weight loss. It's almost as if she's been inducted into some sort of popularity club, designed for those who wear a size 6 or less.

And as actress/singer Raven-Symone continues to shrink, we're suddenly seeing her on more magazine covers and even in editorial photo shoots. Gossip blogs seem to be much more interested in what she's wearing and with whom she's hanging out, now that she's thinner.

The implications (however politically incorrect) are blatantly clear: the more flesh there is to love, the less we pay attention; the world really is much nicer to skinny people. Was Jennifer Hudson any less fabulous when her couture gowns were a few sizes bigger? Not according to her, or her hunky fiance David "Punk" Otunga. It is undeniable that these observations point to a much larger issue (bad pun not intended.) The way we see (or don't see) overweight celebrities is perhaps a direct reflection of how society scrutinizes its heavier citizens.

Both Jennifer Hudson and Raven-Symone expressed that they were already quite satisfied with their fuller-figured selves. So, what should women strive for? Public acceptance of their plus-sized bodies? Or showers of praise for fitting into the world's Fit and Trendy Club? Maybe once we've answered that question, we'll see more plus-sized women gracing the covers of Cosmo and Vogue.

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