'PLL' Halloween Costumes, Revealed!

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Last year's Halloween episode featured Hanna, Emily, Spencer and Aria as Britney Spears, Pocahontas, Mary Queen of Scots and a witch, respectively. But TheInsider.com can exclusively confirm what costumes the girls select for Pretty Little Liars' second Halloween spectacular, airing October 23, and let me tell you, The First Secret will be blown out of the water!

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In This Is a Dark Ride, fans will get an eyeful when Emily rocks a ferocious Barbarella costume, Hanna is breathless as Marilyn Monroe, Aria gets literary as Daisy from The Great Gatsby and Spencer oozes retro glamour as a Hollywood actress from the 40s!

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Of the outing, which takes place a few weeks after the 3A finale that reveAled Toby as one of "A's" minions, creator Marlene King tells TheInsider.com, "This episode was really designed to feel like ABC Family's version of a horror film. It's 43 minutes of a non-stop scary train ride. It's one thrill after another, and there will be some big reveals in the episode that will keep people talking until we get to season 3B [airing in January 2013]."

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But you don't have to wait until October 23 to start collecting clues about what scares lie in wait since ABC Family launched Dirty Little Secrets, a webseries revolving around Noel and Caleb that illuminates the roles they'll play in the PLL's train ride from hell! New episodes will be released every Tuesday, and you can check out the first one below!

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