Pink Hair 2011: Celebs Who Should Have Avoided It

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Katy Perry

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Katy Perry

The way we wear our hair is often dictated by the stars we worship. One of the most popular hair trends for 2011 was pink hair. Not the red that Rihanna modeled for months and months, but pink, like a pink flamingo.

When pop rocker Pink goes for her neon locks, it fits her. So is the case with another pop rocker, Avril Lavigne, who often highlights her blonde tresses with bright pink strands. But not every star should go for a trend just because it's a trend, even when we're used to their crazy fashion sense. Who are some celebs who probably should have left the pink hair craze alone?

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is that fun-loving singer with the great body and the wild clothes. So what's so wrong with hiding her gorgeous black locks under a bottle of pink? Everything. The pink doesn't go well with her skin tone and the color seems to age her, which isn't good when you're only 27. But the "Teenage Dream" singer, who is a natural blonde, wised up and returned to her roots, and she's doing it with just a hint of the pink left.

Nicki Minaj

We love Nicki Minaj's Harajuku Barbie style, but now she's embraced pink hair to match her "Pink Friday" album. Head-to-toe crazy works sometimes, but sometimes not. Some of us will be glad when the award winning Trinidadian rapper moves on to a new color.

Carrie Underwood

She's that country singer with the fabulous voice. Besides her great legs, she's got another great feature - it's her beautiful blonde hair. So why mess with it with funky looking pink highlights? Carrie has a certain style, and it doesn't always work when she gets bored and ditches it.

Dianna Agron

She's only 25, but the Georgia native has made quite a splash on the hit show "Glee." We love her style, but we're not so sure about the fuchsia strands she's sported this year. But stars love to change up their hairstyles, even if their choices aren't the best. Since Dianna recently split with Sebastian Stan, there may be a wild post break-up hairdo in the works.

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