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Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler have come together, for the second time this year (he also appeared as her political foe on Parks and Recreation), to co-star in They Came Together -- a new movie directed by David Wain from a script he co-wrote with Michael Showalter. The last time these two collaborated on a screenplay? A little film called Wet Hot American Summer -- which also happened to feature Rudd and Poehler. So yea, I'm pretty stoked.

VIDEO - What Makes Amy Poehler Laugh?

And if that weren't enough to have you frothing at the mouth with fan-ticipation, check out the rest of the cast: Cobie Smulders! Christopher Meloni! Ed Helms! Max Greenfield! Michael Ian Black!

PHOTO - Paul Rudd Films A Star-Studded Apocalypse

They Came Together, which Wain describes as "a spoof/homage/deconstruction/love letter to Romantic Comedies," is currently shooting in Brooklyn and slated for release in early 2014. Meanwhile, if you missed Amy answering fan questions at New York's 92nd Street Y, watch that brilliance below!

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