Photo Drama: Beyonce’s Ban, Topless Kate Photos Charges, and Justin Bieber's Cleavage Tattoo

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Photo Drama: Beyonce’s Ban, Topless Kate Photos Charges, and Justin Bieber's Cleavage Tattoo

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Beyonce bans photographers from her Mrs. Carter World Tour

Beyonce is one of the most powerful celebrities in the world and her image is everything. So of course Queen Bey is going to do whatever she can to protect it.

According to a recent report, she's trying to preserve the beautiful, bootylicious persona that she tries to portray to the public by banning independent professional photographers from her Mrs. Carter World Tour. Instead she has hired one personal photographer who will make sure that no more unflattering photos of the singer become an Internet meme -- remember those hilarious Super Bowl photos that went viral after her publicist asked Buzzfeed to take them down? Beyonce might embrace her alter-ego Sasha Fierce, but she's not so crazy about becoming the Incredible Hulk. Maybe Bey should also ban that terrible bodysuit with fake nipples from her tour.

Mrs. Carter isn't the only celebrity making headlines for a photo-related story. Here's a look at some other stars whose snaps are getting buzz:

Kate Middleton

At least Queen Bey's photographers didn't have to worry about being brought to court for taking unflattering photos of the pop star. According to ET Online, French publisher Ernesto Mauri and an unnamed photographer were indicted in a French court. Last year Mauri published topless photos of Kate Middleton in his magazine Closer, which prompted the royal couple to file a lawsuit against his publication. Kate's probably grateful that the publication is being punished for invading her privacy, but the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge probably isn't excited that the public is being reminded of her topless photos.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda would love to ban photographers who take unflattering photos of her or to sue them for invading her privacy -- she has been threatening to take some tabloids to court, and she constantly complains about the unflattering paparazzi photos that they choose to publish. Now she's decided to take matters into her own hands by posting selfies on Twitter and picking out a few paparazzi photos that she does like. She recently tweeted this cleavage-baring photo along with the message, "This is a good 1! No magazine put this in their issue! Y do tabloids only use the fattest most unflattering pics?"

Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson probably almost had a heart attack after seeing photos online that appeared to show K-Stew hopping in a car with Rupert Sanders, the "Snow White and the Huntsman" director that she cheated on Rob with. However, sources were quick to slam reports that Rupert is the man in the photos, so Robsten fans can rejoice.

Reese Witherspoon

This "Legally Blonde" star made headlines for going "illegally brunette" in the worst kind of photo -- a mugshot. Reese was arrested for "disorderly conduct" after the agitated actress pulled the old "Don't you know who I am?" card on a police officer, and it appears that alcohol was to blame for her bad behavior. In fact, she was so inebriated that she couldn't even hold her head up to take a decent mugshot.

Justin Bieber

Photos of Justin's most recent tattoos are making rounds on the web, and one of them is a doozy. His new body art includes a giant tiger head, a koi fish, and an angel all on the same arm. It's not surprising that Justin Bieber got some angelic ink since he already has quite a few religious tattoos, but it's kind of shocking that his angel sports a copious amount of cleavage and resembles Selena Gomez. Maybe he was going for making his girlfriend resemble a Victoria's Secret angel instead of a heavenly guardian angel.

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