Philip Seymour Hoffman Up for 'Hunger Games' Sequel: His Other Interesting Roles

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Philip Seymour Hoffman could be in line for a big role in the sequel to "The Hunger Games." The Oscar winning actor has been offered the key part of Plutarch Heavensbee, also known as the Head Gamemaker in "Catching Fire." If he accepts the role, the "Capote" star will join Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth in the sequel to the box office smash. The talented actor would definitely be an excellent addition to the already strong cast. Over the years, he has given us some memorable performances. Here is a look back at the most interesting roles in Philip Seymour Hoffman's career.

Truman Capote - "Capote"

If you're going to describe the greatest roles of an actor's career, you have to start with the one that earned him an Oscar. The actor slicked back his hair, donned large glasses, and changed his voice in order to give a spot-on impersonation of flamboyant author Truman Capote in the 2005 film "Capote." He is almost unrecognizable as he carries the film from start to finish. Not surprisingly, Hoffman earned plenty of praise from critics on his way to dominating the 2006 awards season.

Paul - "The Ides of March"

Though he doesn't have as much screen time as co-stars Ryan Gosling and George Clooney, Hoffman steals the show as a veteran campaign manager that values loyalty. The actor doesn't undergo any physical transformation like he did for "Capote" but the performance is memorable for other reasons. Whether he's trying to please his boss or discipline his protégé, he maintains a subtle but commanding presence. This was one of those small roles that makes the difference between an average movie and a great movie.

Phil Parma - "Magnolia"

The star has appeared in several of director Paul Thomas Anderson's movies, but this was his best work with the acclaimed filmmaker. He plays the loyal caretaker of a dying man in the ensemble film that also features Tom Cruise and Julianne Moore. In a movie full of misfit characters, the star comes through as incredibly kind and sympathetic. This role is proof that an actor can be effective without having to do anything extreme.

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