Philip Seymour Hoffman Up for "Hunger Games" Role - His Other Interesting Roles

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When the first installment of the highly anticipated "Hunger Games" film hit theaters earlier this year, its box office tallies did not disappoint. For that film, casting rumors swirled for months before principal photography even commenced shooting. The same looks to be holding true for the sequel, due out late next year. The latest rumor involves the Academy Award winning veteran actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

According to reports, the producers of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" are considering Hoffman for the role of Plutarch Heavensbee. Known as one of the best character actors of his generation, Hoffman has played quite a variety of different characters throughout his career. Here now is a look at some of his more noteworthy roles.

Truman Capote in "Capote" - The role won him an Oscar, and for good reason. Hoffman was able to transform himself into a very believable iteration of the iconic writer. His voice and mannerisms, coupled with incredible hair and makeup made it impossible not to buy into his performance completely. Though certainly not your normal "leading man" type, Philip proved that he's got what it takes to carry a film, even one with some very dark undertones.

Lester Bangs in "Almost Famous" - Hoffman has a penchant for playing real-life people, and in Cameron Crowe's love letter to 1970s era rock and roll, he played the role of the infamous rock critic Bangs, mentoring Crowe's alter-ego William. Crowe gave all the best lines to Bangs, and Hoffman did not disappoint, providing key thematic declarations with a very believable performance.

Scotty J. in "Boogie Nights" - For many, this was their first exposure to Hoffman. He played the shy and insecure Scotty, who was tormented by his secret crush on Dirk Diggler, played by Mark Wahlberg. Director P.T. Anderson's film about the adult film industry was long and dark comedy and memorable moments. Proving what a talent he is, Hoffman was able to show his complete range as an actor, delivering in both emotional and comedic moments with equally memorable commitment.

Brandt in "The Big Lebowski" - A cult classic, and considered one of the Coen Brothers' finest films, "The Big Lebowski" inhabits its own strange, quasi-real universe. Philip plays the confidant and chief care taker of Jeffrey Lebowski, a rich disabled man that is at the heart of the mistaken-identity caper. Hoffman is put in an uncomfortable situation for his character in nearly every scene, and it never gets old watching Brandt squirm when he doesn't have the perfectly prepared response to something someone else says.

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