Perfectionism: Kim Kardashian’s Attention-Seeking Explained?

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Kim Kardashian, the celebutante that everyone loves to hate has secured a firm place on Hollywood's fickle radar. And while it might be a pretty safe assumption to say that the world is growing weary of her attention-seeking tendencies, it seems virtually impossible to get away from her image. Why does she get under everyone's skin so? And furthermore, is she really as narcissistic as we think? The answer to these questions perhaps lies in one statement that Kim made to a member of the U.K. press. When asked if she was comfortable with her body she stated:

"Well, no. I'm such a perfectionist. I don't think I'm ever really comfortable."

Sure, this can easily be taken out of context. But a discerning mind may probe deeper. It's possible that Kim K's admission explains more of her questionable lifestyle than we realize---for instance…

"Dancing with the Stars"

With those fabulous costumes, sexy dance moves, and the ability to glean more worldwide "fans", most would think that "DWTS" was the perfect vehicle for an attention-hog to steal the spotlight. This was not the case for Kim. She proved to be a disaster on the dance floor, mainly because as she's implied, she's too self-conscious. Her poor dancing ability wasn't something that she could cover up with photo shoots and airbrushing. In reality, she was stiff and the complete opposite of the sex kitten the world assumed she'd be. Everyone quickly caught on.

We've caught glimpses of her awkwardness in other instances. At a Prince concert in February 2011, she was playfully kicked off stage by the Artist himself because she was too bashful. Who would have thought that one of the world's hottest sex symbols would be shy around Prince? (Ok, bad example.)

Kris Humphries vs. Kanye West

Take a closer look at Kim's 10-minute romance with estranged hubby Kris Humphries. The reality star took a huge lashing in the press over her decision to divorce after a mere 72 days. But whether we want to believe it or not, Kim probably convinced herself that she was in love with him. That's why she has been able to look somewhat believable in her remorse over the relationship's end. But like many people accustomed to having all their needs and wants met instantly, she doesn't understand the concept of relationships evolving gradually (over time).

For all intents and purposes, Kris is the epitome of the exotic-looking hunky basketball star. And for some women, becoming an NBA wife (or "wifey") is more important than earning a degree and/or starting a business from the ground up (without the aid of a famous name and lots of financial support).

Many people think that Kanye West is perhaps a better fit for her because she loves the image of herself reflected through the eyes of someone who is just as image-conscious as she. Yeezy likes the best. And dating Kim Kardashian is as much an ego boost as high record sales.

The "Perfect" Life…

Kim's desire for perfection probably goes a lot deeper than the Spanx she credits for hiding pesky cellulite. Perhaps this is the reason why some think Kim looks more "artificial" than her siblings: perfectionists are rarely happy with the finished product, thus the constant tweaking. (Therapists would probably have a field day with that one.) In any case, her looks appear to be less interesting than what she actually contributes to the world.

Have we even heard about any of her latent talents, interests, or hobbies? After all, she did take a stab at music, releasing a single in March 2011. But then again, that might have been only because she was convinced that engineers would perfect her sound.

People might feel better if they knew exactly what she's good at. (Insert sex tape joke here.) Don't be mistaken. Fans shouldn't be sitting around singing songs of woe for Kim Kardashian; she lives a fabulous life and has much for which to be grateful. But true happiness runs much deeper than a closet full of Spanx and Christian Louboutins.

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