Perez Hilton Tells the World that He’s Turned Over a New Leaf on ‘Oprah’s Lifeclass: The Tour’

Perez Hilton Tells the World that He’s Turned Over a New Leaf on ‘Oprah’s Lifeclass: The Tour’

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Perez Hilton and Oprah Winfrey on "Oprah's Lifeclass."

Hollywood is a place of possibility, where unknowns can be come stars and even the most scandalized celebrities often get a second chance at success. For years, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton built his career on going after stars - targeting actors with often-venomous posts and, on occasion, outing the rich and famous.

Perez Hilton Changed His Point of View After the Teen Bullying Outrage

But a couple of years ago, the Internet generation's most famous gossip, turned a new leaf. He was heavily criticized and called a hypocrite for speaking out against teen bullying. Infamous for pushing celebrities around on his site, Hilton decided it was time for a change. This week during a taping of an upcoming episode of "Oprah's Lifeclass: the Tour," he talked about his transformation from the king of mean to one of the nicest guys around.

While Hilton once used his platform to disperse negative information, he now wants to spread kindness. During a behind-the-scenes interview he revealed, "I said to Oprah backstage, we had an amazing moment, I said… that everything is connected and we're all connected, I do believe, and I didn't before, I do believe now that there's a reason for everything."

Perez Hilton Wants To Bring His Message to the Masses

He feels that he has accumulated a group of pop culture followers so that he can spread the word on a larger scale. "There is a reason why I have this platform and multiple websites talking about celebrity things and people and issues that the mass public wants to read about because it's easily digestible. And more than there being a reason, now there's an opportunity."

Hilton also believes that had it not been for his personal shift, his new message would not pack as much punch. He theorized, "There's also a reason why I was the bitchy blogger and am not now because that also shows people something. If I had always been nice and positive, it wouldn't have been hopefully as impactful."

Perez Hilton Believes That There Needs To Be Darkness with the Light

He continued, "Energy is both positive and negative and you need the negative. A battery has a positive and a negative. A battery can't work with two positives. The world, if it were sunshine 24 hours a day, people would freak out. They would lose their minds. You need the darkness. You need the shadow in order to appreciate the light. And in order to be able to then harness the positive."

So now Hilton is using his voice to spread a truly positive concept. He said he's telling followers and friends alike "not just to have openness of heart but to also to have openness of thought. Because when you get really rigid about, 'This is what I do and this is how I have to do it,' you close yourself off to experience and growth. And just because I do a certain thing a certain way now doesn't mean that's how I'm going to do it in a year. I'm still growing and learning and evolving and still having aha moments and it's awesome."

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