Would You Pay $25 A Minute to Dial-A-Lohan?

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Would You Pay $25 A Minute to Dial-A-Lohan?

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Would You Pay $25 A Minute to Dial-A-Lohan?

It remains a mystery for the ages whether the service known as Dial-A-Star can contribute its sudden, overnight success to mild curiosity or genuine interest, but the site, which connects fans to "celebrities" such as Dina Lohan, Michael Lohan and Kate Major is raking in some major dough and looking to expand its repertoire to include the likes of superstar Justin Bieber. 

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The brainchild of Gina Rodriguez, Dial-A-Star offers fans with cash to burn the opportunity to speak with the likes of Rachel Uchitel (of Tiger Wood-mistress fame) for $16/minute, Mother of the Year Dina Lohan for $25 / minute and former Jersey Shore castmate Angelina for a cool$15/minute.

According to Rodriguez, stars get to name their rate per minute and pocket exactly 50% of their earnings with Danielle Staub leading the pack as "most popular" with $7000 in calls in just six days.

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The service has become so profitable in fact that Gina has started to lay the groundwork for Dial-A-Athlete and Dial-A-Artist with Brooke Hogan, Master P and T.I. expressing interest in the franchise, the website's founder tells us exclusively. Rodriguez adds that if demand continues to grow as it has since the site's launch, she hopes to score the one-and-only Biebs for $100/minute.

What do you think of Dial-A-Star? Will you be calling in? Visit their website for the complete lineup!

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