Would You Pay $2,500 for a Date With 'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik?

Deciphering Ben's Inexplicable Appeal with Women

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Would You Pay $2,500 for a Date With 'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik?

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Ben Flajnik

Apparently, former "Bachelor" Ben Flajnik is now selling dates for $2,500, as RumorFix confirmed.

According to the description at giltcity.com, the date includes "choice of a three-hour one-on-one lunch or dinner at a location of Ben's choice; Ben will also take you around town and show you his favorite neighborhood spots."

Does this guy really have such a high opinion of himself that he thinks women should pay that kind of money just for the pleasure of his company?

In a way, it's not surprising. Ben does not have the greatest track record of gentlemanly behavior. During his run as the "Bachelor," he blindly disregarded the multiple women (including his sister) who tried to warn him about Courtney Robertson.

Then, after the show was over, he told everyone about how he had turned down Jennifer Love Hewitt. (He could have done the gentlemanly thing by keeping quiet and not embarrassing her.)

Still, what's more astounding is not that fact that Ben would sell dates for money, it's the fact that women are actually paying! According to Gilt City, the offer has been sold out, and there is now a waiting list.

I'm confused. What is this mysterious appeal that Ben has with women? What is it about this guy that would make a classy girl like Shawntel Newton want to return for a second season on "Bachelor," or a gorgeous Hollywood celebrity like JLove want to pursue him? And why are women now willing to pay $2,500 to spend time with him?

Compared to more conventionally hot guys like Sean Lowe and Juan Pablo Galavis, Ben is relatively average-looking. But I'm wondering if this works in his favor. His shaggy hair and laid-back appearance make him seem approachable.

He physical appearance also gives off the impression of being brooding and artistic. Does that somehow give him an air of mystery?

As for his past track record of attracting women, this seems to be a self-perpetuating pattern. Having attracted high-caliber women like JLove in the past probably gives him an air of confidence, which in turn helps him attract women later on.

Additionally, the fact that he always seems to be the dumper and never the dumpee seems to work in his favor. The social science book Connected by Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler cites one study in which women are shown pictures of comparably attractive men. In the pictures where the man had an attractive woman wrapped around him, those men were perceived as more attractive.

The theory is that some men automatically become more desirable when they have other women pursuing them. It's like the stock market. When more people are buying, the stock value increases. But does it really increase to the sum of $2,500?

Would you pay that kind of money for a date with Ben? What is this inexplicable appeal that he has with the ladies?

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