Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell - Why They Will Never Date

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Paula Abdul is one sexy lady -- too bad she and Simon Cowell will likely never date.

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Paula Abdul is one sexy lady -- too bad she and Simon Cowell will likely never date.

I have enjoyed watching Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell spar for years. They are the yin and yang of reality television because they complement each others' distinctive personalities.

Yet as much as I love these two as colleagues, friends, and occasional nemeses, these two would probably never work out as a couple. Here are a few reasons why Paula and Simon will never date.

That ship has sailed

Paula and Simon have been colleagues for ten years. They've spent quite a bit of time working together and getting to know each other. If they had romantic chemistry, then it would have come up much sooner. There are, of course, rare cases where romance can blossom from friendship, but even Harry and Sally didn't wait ten years.

Office romance taboos

There's a reason why office romance taboos exist, and these two don't seem interested in crossing those professional boundaries with each other. At most, Simon is like a TV husband to her. Besides, what would happen if they dated, had a messy breakup, and were stuck having to work together every day? Not everyone can as well-adjusted as Courteney Cox and David Arquette.

They have a mentoring relationship

In an interview with "Today," Paula described Simon as her "best teacher." She says that he taught her to embrace her inner strength. The more she stood up for herself and stood up to him, the more he embraced her.

Meanwhile, Paula has taught Simon to soften up and to not be such a "meanie" to the contestants. They obviously work well together and are able to learn from each others' strengths. Yet this comes across as more of a professional mentoring relationship rather than a romance.

They flirt like elementary school children

Parents always tells kids that "they tease you because they like you." This certainly applies to Paula and Simon because I can see the underlying love and affection beneath their teasing and goading. Yet the way they flirt is more like elementary school children rather than a mature couple.

Paula describes them as "an old married couple without the sex" while Simon describes their relationship as "Exorcist 2." These two have fabulous (and occasionally demented) professional and personal chemistry, just not the kind that involves sex or dating.

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