Is Patrick Schwarzenegger Taking After the Wrong Parent?

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Is Patrick Schwarzenegger Taking After the Wrong Parent?

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Patrick Schwarzenegger

Patrick Schwarzenegger was terminated from a nightclub on Saturday after he threw ice at the DJ and threatened to "beat the f$@k" out of him. No, he won't be baaack. Not if management at L.A.'s Sayers Club has anything to say about it.

The 19-year-old son of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger did not even legally belong at the trendy Hollywood nightspot, which caters to an upscale 21-plus crowd and charges $20 just for valet parking.

The trouble started when the young Kennedy heir kept bumping into the disc jockey's equipment and was politely asked to stop. His odd reaction to the DJ's request was to fling ice at him (think "Kindergarten Cop" without the cop).

Such impulsive behavior might be expected from a teenager who is not only pop culture royalty, but also rich and handsome. Unlike his maternal grandmother Eunice Shriver, who started the Special Olympics, the USC freshman is just, well, special. He has already managed to parlay his good lucks and pedigree into modeling gigs and movie roles, and he hasn't even turned 20.

Unfortunately, the "Grown Ups 2" actor did not have the best role modeling from his father, a Hollywood action hero who fell from grace after an affair with the family's housekeeper. When stories about the former governor of California secretly fathering a child with his maid went public two years ago, it reinforced the stereotype of the star who thinks he's the center of the universe.

Many people hoped Arnie and Maria's kids would take more after their mom, a journalist who devoted her life to empowering others. During her years as first lady of California, the Oprah pal held annual conferences on women's issues. More recently, after mourning the end of her marriage, the striking brunette picked up the pieces of her own life and started a new gig with NBC as a "special anchor" and editor-at-large on women's issues.

Though the mother of four may have done an amazing job raising her children, Patrick is hardly leading the life of the average cash-strapped college student. Just this spring, the hunk who bared his abs for a Hudson jeans billboard vacationed in Mexico and Miami with friends, before kicking back in Maui with his family and girlfriend Taylor "Tootsie" Burns.

As for the unpleasant night club incident, the young man who calls himself Patrick Shriver on Twitter offered a very meager apology. "Excuse my language. I apologize," he tweeted, as if his offensive behavior were merely poor word choice. He then attempted to close the door on the pesky story by combining platitudes. "Live and learn, hope everyone has a blessed day," he wrote, not even bothering to punctuate correctly.

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