Patrick Dempsey's Real Life Heroism; What Other Celebs Have Saved the Day?

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Patrick Dempsey doesn't just play a doctor on TV; he acts like one, too! The handsome actor happened to be on hand when a crisis struck last week. Dempsey came to the aid of a 17-year-old boy that had been involved in a car crash and was trapped in the vehicle.

Dempsey stepped in and helped free the terrified teen from the wreckage with a crowbar. He even called the paramedics for the young man and waited with him until they arrived. Has Dempsey been playing a doctor for too long, or is he simply just a good Samaritan? Whatever the case, we're glad he was on hand to help!

Dempsey isn't the only celebrity that has been lauded for being there when needed. What other stars have lent a hand when it was needed?

Ryan Gosling

As if it's not enough that actor Ryan Gosling is gorgeous and talented; he's also a great person to have around in a pinch and has been called a celebrity superhero! The actor has actually been involved in more than one incident which has cemented his status as a savior. Just recently he saved a journalist from being hit by an oncoming taxi.

Before that, he broke up a fight in New York between two men that was getting out of control. The cool headed actor seems to know what to do in a crisis.

Tom Cruise

If you ever get into an emergency situation, it's great to have actor Tom Cruise nearby. The actor has also been involved in several situations that warranted his help. In 1996 Cruise witnessed a car accident in Santa Monica when a car hit a pedestrian. Cruise stopped and called an ambulance and made sure the woman arrived safely at the hospital, then he paid her bill as she was not insured!

That same year, Cruise and then wife Kidman were sailing in Capri when they saw some people that needed help and had been the victims of a faulty yacht. Cruise and Kidman rescued the couple and their children and brought them on board to safety while their ship sank nearby.

Ryan Kwanten

Handsome Ryan Kwanten may play slow witted Jason on the HBO series "True Blood," but in real life, he's a quick thinker. The actor noticed an injured person bleeding on a street in Los Angeles and ran to the rescue. The thoughtful actor wanted to make sure the person got the help they needed and that the paramedics were on the way.

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