Should Paris Hilton's Mom Kathy Hilton Join Kim & Kyle Richards on 'Real Housewives'?

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We wonder if Paris Hilton is watching her aunts duke it out on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

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We wonder if Paris Hilton is watching her aunts duke it out on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills …

Let's talk about Paris Hilton and her mama, Kathy Hilton. Once upon a time in a land far, far away, Paris was the superstar who pioneered the concept of being famous for nothing. Her reality show "The Simple Life" co-starred frenemy Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian was just her red carpet lackey. Paris seemed to have it all: adoring fans, a popular TV franchise, music deals and her own accidentally leaked sex tape. She even had a sister, Nicky Hilton, to help boost up her party girl antics.

Then momager Kris Jenner took The Paris Formula and combined powers with uber producer Ryan Seacrest. Before long Kimmie K.was the reality megastar with her own accidentally leaked sex tape, Playboy Magazine cover and almost billion dollar cottage industry. Audiences were asking, "Paris who?" until Oxygen gave her a new reality show. "The World According to Paris" co-starred her mom, Kathy, and surprisingly, Charlie Sheen's troubled ex, Brooke Mueller. Sadly, the project was tabled after only one season.

Meanwhile, over in Bravolebrity world, Kathy's sisters Kim Richards of "Escape to Witch Mountain" and Kyle Richards of "Little House On The Prairie" have become reality stars in their own right. The seventies child stars have been introduced to a whole new adoring audience. We have a front row to their sisterly dramas, fights and personal issues.

Neither Paris nor Kathy has ever appeared physically on the show. However, their names are dropped often enough that it's almost like they're there without being there. Last season The Family Hilton was a no-show on the episode where Kyle's daughter Farrah celebrated her graduation. Instead they sent a tree (?), a greeting card and a huge check.

Kyle expressed being heartbroken that Kathy was not there. The brunette beauty blogged about the incident, "My sister Kathy and her husband Rick, along with all four of their kids, ended up having to be in Europe for business. I was disappointed they weren't there with me to celebrate one of the most important days of Farrah's and my life. I was filled with an enormous sense of pride and happiness that day. I will never forget the feeling I had watching my child graduate from USC." It seems strange that they all ended up in Europe during the graduation when they must have known the date in advance.

As Camille Grammer may not be returning to the reality show, Mrs. Hilton's name is being bandied about as a possible replacement. This season we saw her sisters have a tear-filled moment that just happened to take place in Kathy's vintage Los Angeles consignment shop, Designer Archives. The upper level of the store is called Paris' Closet, but that was not shown on camera.

If Kathy was to join the "RHOBH" cast it could help to stabilize flighty sister Kim. We could also see more family healing and the hot mess moments we all love, especially if her daughter Paris appears with her. We don't know if our vote counts, but we say, yes, we want Kathy!

What do you think? Should Kathy H. become a "Housewife?" Should Paris come with her? Would this help her to rebuild her flagging empire? Or would it ruin the dignity of the Hilton name?

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