Paris Hilton Interview Walk Out: 5 Memorable Celebrity Walk Offs

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The former Miss USA made a hasty exit from Larry King's show.

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The former Miss USA made a hasty exit from Larry King's show.

Talk about a "hot" head!

When asked if she feels overshadowed by reality TV competitors like Kim Kardashian, an irritated Paris Hilton jumped out of her seat and walked off during an interview with ABC's Dan Harris.

But Hilton's mini meltdown, which featured her conferring with her publicist while her still-hot mic picked up her saying, "I don't want all of this being used" (of course they used it!), is small potatoes compared to some of these celebrity interview walk outs.

Shannon Tweed/ Joy Behar- In 2011, KISS rocker Gene Simmons showed up on "The Joy Behar Show" with his long time love, Shannon Tweed. But it was a tense exchange, with Tweed apparently over Simmons' rock star womanizing. When he made a joke about the 5000 women he's allegedly slept with, Tweed had enough. She hissed a few choice words at him then walked off the set, leaving Behar to take the blame for "setting up" the tacky interview questions.

Joy Behar/Whoopi Goldberg- In 2010, "The View" co-hosts walked off of their own set when they couldn't take another minute of guest Bill O'Reilly's ranting. In a heated exchange, O'Reilly debated with Barbara Walters and Co. about a proposed mosque in Lower Manhattan (O' Reilly: "Muslims killed us on 9/11!"), prompting a fired up Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg to walk out of their own studio. Walters later said "This is what should never happen" during an interview.

Chris Brown/ Robin Roberts- While he didn't storm out until after the interview, this one makes the list because the R&B singer actually trashed his dressing room before exiting the "Good Morning America" studios. Chris Brown just didn't want to talk about the domestic violence episode he had with ex girlfriend Rihanna (that was sooo two years ago), so when interviewer Robin Roberts kept pressing the issue, he fired back with plugs for his new album. He stuck around to sing one song, but later smashed his dressing room window as he stormed out of the studio before skipping out on a second scheduled performance.

Jon Gosselin/ Mary Hart- The fallen reality star was acting more childish than his sextuplets when he and then-girlfriend Hailey Glassman sat down for an interview with "Entertainment Tonight's" Mary Hart. During a way personal exchange about his relationship status with 22 year old Glassman, Gosselin started to feel uneasy and walked off the set. "This whole thing's uncomfortable.... don't like it," Gosselin said.

Carrie Prejean/Larry King - Who can forget the former California beauty queen, who in 2009 told CNN's Larry King that he was being inappropriate when he repeatedly asked her questions about a confidential settlement she had with the Miss California USA pageant. After she called King "inappropriate" for the umpteenth time, he moved on to a viewer phone call. But by then Prejean was already pulling off her mic, abruptly ending the interview.

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