Pamela Anderson Vs. Bristol Palin & Nicki Minaj Vs. Mariah Carey - Comparing the Rumored Feuds

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Pamela Anderson Vs. Bristol Palin & Nicki Minaj Vs. Mariah Carey - Comparing the Rumored Feuds

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Did Pamela Anderson tease Bristol Palin?

Pamela Anderson insists that there is no feud between her and Bristol Palin. Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj clarifies that she has the utmost respect for Mariah Carey. How do we compare these two rumored feuds?


During the premiere of "Dancing With the Stars: All Stars," Pam quipped about how Bristol would have the support of the entire Tea Party. And later, when Bristol and Mark Ballas were backstage, viewers spotted Pam making what appeared to be a "crazy" sign next to Bristol.

As "The View's" Sherri Shepherd tweeted, "#DWTS SPOILER ALERT ... Who saw the look Pam Anderson gave Bristol Palin & the "she's crazy" motion... Uh oh ... Trouble in paradise!"

Meanwhile, ever since we learned that Nicki would be joining Mariah as a judge on "American Idol," fans have been waiting for a diva-off between these two strong personalities. But we haven't seen any concrete evidence of a feud.


Both Pam and Bristol played down the rumors. In an interview with ABC15, Pam insists that she was just twirling her hair, and that she wasn't making a "crazy" sign. Meanwhile, Bristol says that they come from "polar opposite worlds," and that she wasn't affected by the rumored feud. "I'm just here to have a good time, learn how to dance, and to be a better person."

As for Nicki, she is trying to tone down the diva attitude. As she explains, "You know what; I'm just trying to nullify my diva-ness right now. I just wanna not be a diva at all."

Nicki also clarifies that she has the utmost respect for Mariah. "Mariah's a legend and I just want to say that... I'm sitting next to woman who've I looked up to since I can remember enjoying music...It's obvious that we both have strong personalities, but ultimately, there's respect there and I think if nothing else, it'll make for really great TV."


Pam, Bristol, and Nicki insist that there are no feuds. However, you just never know. Nobody's going to come right out and say that they hate each other. As "Mean Girls'" Lindsay Lohan observed, "in girl world, the fighting had to be sneaky."

Still, it would be an exaggeration to suggest that there is any outright animosity between these personalities. While Pam may have taken a few minor jabs at Bristol, we think she has better things on which to focus her energy, especially now that she's off the show.

As for Nicki and Mariah, can't two strong women work together without being in competition? it's possible that "Idol" perpetuated these feud rumors in order to generate some buzz for the franchise.

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