Should P. Diddy Judge 'American Idol'? 3 Reasons He'd Be Great

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Should P. Diddy Judge 'American Idol'? 3 Reasons He'd Be Great

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Diddy (Sean Combs) may be up for the American Idol job. Should he do it?

It's all about the Benjamins, baby. P. Diddy wasn't lying when he rapped about cash flow back in the late '90s and we're wondering how many Benjamins it would take for the hip-hop guru to join the crew of judges on "American Idol."

Reps from the Bad Boy founder haven't commented or confirmed but it's rumored the rap mogul may be joining Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson to critique the line of hopefuls waiting to become the next big thing. Will he demand a big payday like Mariah in order to join the show?

Other stars including Nick Jonas and Pharrell Williams have been discussed as possible judges for the beloved show as well. Will Diddy join the show? Here are a few reasons we think he should:

He won't put up with any excuses

Diddy has a no b.s. type of attitude and he's not going to tolerate any of the contestants giving excuses for their poor performances. When Diddy aired his show "Making the Band' on MTV several years back we loved hearing his reactions to some of the contestants whine about their problems. He's a great authoritative figure and while Mariah and Randy might go soft on some singers, Diddy knows how to keep personal feelings out of business. After all, "Idol" is a business.

Adds some flavor to the show

We know Mariah will be a diva and Randy will be, well, Randy, but Diddy will be able to give the show a little bit of hip-hop flavor we haven't yet seen with the judges of "Idol." With his personality, charm, and experience in the business Diddy is sure to capture viewers and add an element of edge and challenge to this year's contestants.

Great chemistry with the judges

When Mariah broke free from her controlling hubby and Sony music exec Tommy Mottola in the late '90s she turned to P. Diddy. Back then he was still known as Puffy, but he gave her sappy pop music a jolt of R&B infused with hip-hop. The two collaborated on several songs including her "Honey" remix that skyrocketed on the charts and the two have continued to be friends ever since.

Mariah has also been friends with Randy since her very early days in the business and with both Randy and Diddy by her side this "Idol" mix of judges could be the perfect collaboration of hit makers to put "Idol" back where it belongs as one of the top shows on television.

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