Oscars History -- Factoids and Trivia Tidbits for Your Oscar Party

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Will any siblings attend The 84th Annual Academy Awards together?

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Will any siblings attend The 84th Annual Academy Awards together?

It's just a matter of hours now before the red carpet is rolled out and the stars start strolling down, answering questions about who they're wearing and who they think will win. That's right, Oscar is in town, and for Hollywood, the Academy Awards is the biggest night of the year. This year's show will be the 84th such awards, and we thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the more interesting little facts and tidbits about the Oscars. Maybe you can break some of these out at whatever Oscar party you're attending.

New York's Biggest Night? - When people think of the Oscars, they think of Hollywood, right? Well, for five years, from 1953 to 1957, the awards were actually held in The Big Apple and Tinseltown simultaneously. The 25th Academy Awards in 1953 was also the first to be televised. "The Greatest Show on Earth" won Best Picture that year, while Gary Cooper won best actor for "High Noon."

Give It a Rest, Already! - We're sure somebody at the show on Sunday will make a joke about the length of the broadcast, it's become tradition, but for good reason. The longest Oscars broadcast was in 2002 when venerable comedian Whoopi Goldberg hosted the 74th Annual Academy Awards. That show clocked in an astounding four hours and twenty-three minutes of speeches, jokes and commercial breaks. "A Beautiful Mind" won the Best Picture award that year, and Halle Berry made history becoming the first African-American woman to win a Best Actress award.

Maybe The 21st Time Will Be the Charm - Sound mixer Kevin O'Connell has the dubious honor of holding the record for the most Academy Award nominations with the fewest wins, which would be zero. Kevin has been given a nod twenty different times from 1983 to 2007, and has lost every single time. Maybe Kevin can commiserate with veteran actor Peter O'Toole who holds the record for most times nominated as an actor without a win, with eight.

Meryl's In a Class All Her Own - If she wins this year, it will be Meryl Streep's third Oscar win. The more astounding number though, may be her total of seventeen nominations over all. That's the most nominations for any actor or actress in the history of the awards. If you do the math, Streep has been a nominee in about one in every five times. But Streep's seventeen nominations pale in comparison to Walt Disney. The godfather of animated feature films holds the record for most total nominations of any category with fifty-nine.

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