Oscars 2013: The Biggest Crimes Against Fashion

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Oscars 2013: The Biggest Crimes Against Fashion

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(Helena Bonham Carter)

Every year at the Oscars Hollywood's elite try to make a good impression with their style choices, and every year there are always disasters. This year was no exception, though there seemed to be a lot less hideous choices this year than there were last year. Let's take at the fashion fails from the 85th Annual Academy Awards.

Kristen Stewart

In early 2012, Kristen Stewart made some exceptional fashion choices. In fact, she was on track to become a fashion icon, instead of the girl who always looked uncomfortable on the red carpet. Then there was that small matter of her cheating on Robert Pattinson. Suddenly, she was back to looking awkward again. Well, she carried that trend to the Oscars last night, wearing a Reem Acra gown which looked a bit like a distressed wedding dress. Her dress wasn't nearly as disastrous as her hair, though. The least she could have done was run a brush through her tangled mane!

Helena Bonham Carter

Really, what else can you expect from Helena Bonham Carter? She has a style all of her own, and it never fits with the current fashion trends. Even so, the messy hair, and the multi-layered black and white dress was particularly terrible considering the nature of the prestigious event.

Jessica Chastain

While the fashion experts believe Jessica Chastain was one of the best dressed celebrities of the night, it's hard to admire a dress you can't see very well. There is nothing wrong with the dress itself, but because it was so pale and Chastain has such fair skin, at first glance, she could have been naked and streaked with glitter! Something with just a little more color would have worked better.

Brandi Glanville

Well, well, well. This was almost a gorgeous dress. And it almost covered her cleavage. Sadly, she failed on both counts. Her gown was a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, so while she looked good from the neck up, the rest was a complete failure.

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy is very hit and miss with her outfits. She either looks stunning, or misses the mark completely. She is so beautiful, but her drab grey dress did absolutely nothing for her. Maybe if it had been black, or any other color but grey, it might have worked. As it was, she kind of faded into the background instead of shining as radiantly as her smile!

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