Oscar Guffaws -- the 3 Funniest Moments from the 84th Annual Academy Awards

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Zach Galifianakis has lopped off his beard!

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Zach Galifianakis has lopped off his beard!

After last year's snooze-fest that was the Academy Awards, the producers were hoping that this year's broadcast of the 84th Annual Academy Awards would be a return to form for the biggest night in Tinseltown. When comedian Eddie Murphy dropped out last year, new show producer Brian Grazer hired Billy Crystal to host the show for the ninth time. Compared to last year's hosting job, turned in by Anne Hathaway and James Franco, it seemed to be a wise choice.

But Crystal was mostly flat and dated in his material, and often times didn't seem very comfortable up on stage. The rest of the show was basically a hit or miss proposition. However, there were actually some really funny moments in the show, if you were able to stay awake long enough to catch them. Here now are the three funniest moments from the 84th Annual Academy Awards.

Zach and Will's Cymbals - By and large most of the bits fell pretty flat last night. However, two veteran comedians stole the show when Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis came out in white tuxedos and gloves, carrying a pair of giant crash cymbals with them. They played along with the orchestra and clanged their instruments together right in front of Brad and Angelina. Then while presenting the award they kept losing the grip on their cymbals, sending them crashing to the stage floor. It was nice getting to see two professionally funny people get genuine laughs.

Jim Rash Lampoons Angelina - We can't be the only ones who looked befuddled at our television screens when Angelina Jolie stepped out to introduce the Best Adapted Screenplay award and stopped at the mic, thrusting her right leg out in a bizarre and obviously posed way. So when the winners of the award stepped up to claim their trophies, it was a stroke of genius that delivered Jim Rash (who you might recognize as the dean of the school from NBC's "Community") a message to stick his Oscar on his right thigh and thrust his leg out in the same ridiculous pose as Angelina.

Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig's Clever Double Entendre - Though their film "Bridesmaids" didn't win either of the two categories it was nominated in, two of the film's stars had one of the best introductions of a category. In presenting an award for Best Short Film, the pair took the opportunity to make a few puns in relation to size and whether or not it really mattered. The PG-13 references were just what the show needed, and helped inject a little life into a sagging show.

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