Oprah's Fixed Feuds!

Oprah Forgives and Forgets as She Fixes Old Feuds

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Oprah is a peace keeper.

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Oprah is a peace keeper.

It's been all apologies lately on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," as Oprah Winfrey makes amends with several former guests that she may- or may not- have had a falling out with.

First up, last fall Oprah finally sat down with author Jonathan Franzen. Their notorious "tiff" back in 2001 stemmed around Franzen's public dissing of being chosen for Oprah's book club (his book: the brilliant epic, "The Corrections"). Back in 2001 Oprah infamously canceled her book club dinner with Franzen and moved on to her next book. But in 2010 she chose another Franzen book- "Freedom"- for her club and the two sat down to discuss their falling out, which Franzen blamed on his "long sentences" that were picked apart by the media (keyword: "schmaltzy"). The two made up- although no dinner was served.

Inspirational speaker Iyanla Vanzant was a familiar fixture on Oprah's stage in the late 1990s, but Tuesdays were no longer the same when she abruptly- and unceremoniously- disappeared from the show. After an eleven-year estrangement, the two sat down to hash out their feud- smack in the middle of Oprah's final season. Vanzant says Barbara Walters wanted to sign her on to do her own show; Oprah felt like Vanzant was trying to give her an ultimatum. Turns out it was all just a series of misunderstandings and half-conversations. The two made up on Oprah's stage in February.

Oprah also had some seemingly non-existent feuds with Whoopi Goldberg and Roseanne Barr - as in neither party seemed to know what their so-called fall-out was about.

Oprah "patched" things up with Whoopi on a "Color Purple" reunion episode in November, amidst a bevy of "what was that all about?" confusion.

And Roseanne just assumed Oprah was mad at her when she publicly dissed Oprah's endorsement of Barack Obama. The comedian was also holding a grudge over an arm wrestling match, where she accused Winfrey of cheating. Oprah was oblivious to any feud with Barr when they sat down together in February- but they made amends anyway.

And while this make-up session occurred over 5 years ago, it was still a biggie. Oprah and David Letterman ended a 16-year feud when Oprah finally agreed to appear on his show. While she expressed confusion over what the actual feud was about, Oprah had at one time said she refused to be on Letterman's show because she was uncomfortable being the target of his jokes. They hashed things out when she eventually sat down with him in 2005, and Letterman ended his chat with her by saying, "I think we'll just pencil you in for the next 16 years."

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