Oprah Winfrey Interviews Paris Jackson! Why This is a Great Idea

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Oprah Winfrey may not have any biological children but in many ways she has become America's mom. She gently guides us with positive, uplifting advice, steers us in the direction of always doing the right thing, and has taken on the new role of comforting us in our times of grief. The unexpected deaths of superstars Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston felt like personal losses to fans of the larger-than-life singers.

Earlier this year, the television maven was the first to score an interview with Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney, and now she's talking to Paris Jackson, Michael's daughter. The interviews are a part of Winfrey's "Oprah's Next Chapter" series on the OWN Network. When Oprah spoke with Whitney's Krissy, many wondered if it was too soon after her beloved mother's death. However, it was clear to viewers that Oprah handled the reportedly troubled teen with caring kid gloves.

Paris grew up shielded from the public eye by her notoriously reclusive dad. Along with her siblings Prince and "Blanket," the daughter of the King of Pop was previously only photographed wearing masks or scarves over her face. Since Michael's untimely death the children have had a much more open life. They are being raised by the family matriarch Katherine Jackson.

Life looks quite different these days for the heirs to a musical dynasty. Paris attends a regular private school. She has plenty of cousins and extended family to hang out with. The Jackson kids even post videos on YouTube and play sports. In other words, they're living a life that from the outside may seem to be more "normal."

Paris broke hearts when we first heard her voice at Michael's public funeral service. At the time, Paris was only 11. She bravely stepped up to the mic to deliver a short speech: "Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine, and I just wanted to say I love him... so much." Then, she dissolved into tears. With those few words she gave the world a window into the kind of father the embattled "Beat It" singer must have been.

Paris is now eying the family business. The young girl wants to enter the entertainment industry. She is 14 years old. When her father was that age he was already a star. Of course, most of the challenges that were Michael's undoing have been widely discussed as the possible spoils of being a child star.

There is no one more qualified to interview and hopefully mentor Paris than Ms. Winfrey. Hopefully, Oprah takes the Jackson daughter under her wing. This interview is great both for Paris and the OWN Network. We'll be watching!

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