Can Oprah Save Lindsay Lohan? Her Parents Thinks So!

The Parents of the Troubled Starlet Are Raving About Her Post-rehab Projects with OWN

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Can Oprah Save Lindsay Lohan? Her Parents Thinks So!

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Lindsay Lohan already has her post-rehab projects lined up: LiLo will team up with O!

The troubled starlet has signed an exclusive deal to do an "Oprah's Next Chapter" interview with Oprah Winfrey, and will also allow cameras to follow her for an eight-part documentary series for OWN. And her parents are pleased as punch!

Lohan's mom, Dina, recently said of her daughter's upcoming ventures: "Oh, it's fantastic. If anyone is going to help mentor you, it's going to be Oprah." She dished to the New York Post's Page Six: "This is a great opportunity for Lindsay. We are all very excited about it."

Dina also told E! News that while her daughter won't be moving back home following rehab, she will be moving near the family.

"Lindsay is 27, my kids all have their own places," Dina said. "She's not going to move back home. She'll be getting an apartment in New York. She'll be in New York. It's great because [sister Ali] is in New York with Wilhelmina models. [Son]Michael is in New York. My other little guy [son Dakota] is 17 and he's still at home and going to St. Anthony's. The rest may come home to mom, but they don't want to live with me."

Of course, since she'll be living so close to the OWN cameras that will be following her daughter's journey to rebuild her career, don't rule out a Dina cameo on the OWN documentary. In fact, you can probably count on it.

"Possibly! It's about family…and I'm family," she said when asked if the fam will appear on the show.

Dad Michael Lohan thinks the whole thing is awesome, too. When TMZ recently cameras caught up with him, Lohan said, "I think Oprah did [Lindsay] great justice. I think it's awesome that she gave her this opportunity. It's gonna keep her straight, putting her back on her feet again. "

While he gave a big fat "no" to the prospect of making a cameo on the OWN show alongside his family, Lohan did give his two cents on his daughter's move back to New York: "I think it could be a good thing as long as she's on Long Island and not in the city," he said. "But I think the fact that Oprah has given this opportunity to her, no matter where she is she's gonna stay focused. She's just gotta stay away from all of those miserable people that were around her before."

According to TMZ, Lindsay will get a whopping $2 million paycheck for the OWN projects, which is double what she scored after posing for Playboy. OWN will even throw in two fully-paid assistants and a stylist. No wonder mom and dad are singing Oprah's praises!

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