Oprah Hit with Lawsuit & Other Entertainment Lawsuits

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Oprah Hit with Lawsuit & Other Entertainment Lawsuits

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Oprah Winfrey when she was with Barack Obama and Michelle Obama at a rally

Oprah Winfrey's OWN scored a huge coup a couple of weeks ago when Lance Armstrong admitted to doping during his Tour de France wins.

But now, the talk show queen and her cable network are facing a big problem: A lawsuit for sexual discrimination, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The plaintiff, Carolyn Hommel, alleges in court filings that she was hired in 2010 senior director of scheduling and acquisitions. Hommel alleges that she was promised a fast-track to a vice president spot, but all of that changed when she went on pregnancy medical leave.

Hommel alleges that her duties were farmed off to a temp while she was out. She was then laid off and told she could reapply, but her boss "made Hommel's job duties and responsibilities appear less 'senior' and therefore not a candidate for the new vice president position."

She is seeking unspecified damages.

While lawsuits are never fun, Oprah's not the first - or the last - celebrity to face a battle in court.

Mark Salling

Fans of "Glee" hottie Mark Salling were surprised when he was slapped with a sexual battery lawsuit. The suit - filed by his ex-girlfriend - alleges that he tried to have sex without a condom and pushed her during an argument.

Salling denied the lawsuit while on the red carpet at the 2013 SAG Awards.

"You hear about fraudulent lawsuits all the time," Salling said. "Until it happens to you, you really don't grasp what it does, not to just you, but to your family, and you want the legal process to happen as fast as possible, but just...It takes time. I just want the chance to defend myself-and I will, vigorously."

Justin Bieber

Celebrity bodyguards are typically huge, hulking figures ready to snap a wayward fan's neck with a flip of the wrist. Justin Bieber's former bodyguard, Moshe Benabou, is no exception.

Benabou, a former member of the Israeli army, worked for the "Believe" singer from March 2011 to October 2012 and only quit after a run-in with Bieber.

What's the "run-in"? Well, he alleges Bieber beat him up during an argument.

Yes, seriously - and now he's suing Bieber for $420,000.

"This whole thing is baseless and meritless," a source told US Weekly. "Justin never hit him and couldn't! He is so much smaller. This whole thing is a lie."

Yeah, this one is pretty hard to believe.

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