One Contestant Returns and One Walks Out on 'The Bachelorette' with Ashley Hebert

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This week on "The Bachelorette," Ashley Hebert took the gentlemen on overnight dates in Fiji. There, we saw one surprising exit and one surprising return.

Slow and Steady Does Not Win the Race

Despite the stories about the tortoise and the hare, Constantine is evidence that slow and steady does not always win the race. Ashley took her "Greek god" on a helicopter ride before they took a (small) leap of faith into the water.

Over dinner, Ashley expressed concerns that their relationship had been moving slowly. She hoped that the overnight date would give them a chance to move forward. However, Constantine felt that he had not yet fallen in love with her and that there was no point in faking it. He decided to walk away.

I do have to give him some credit for his honesty. At least he had the decency not to string her along the way Bentley did. Of course, this experience wasn't a total loss for Constantine. America fell in love with his family, and he got plenty of publicity for Giorgio's Italian Restaurant.

Sun Sets for Departed Contestant

Ashley was shocked to hear a knock on the door from Ryan "Sunshine." He had flown all the way to Fiji in hopes of a second chance. He felt that their date in Taiwan (which consisted of tai chi and temple visits) had not been conducive to hot and steamy romance.

She had the unfortunate task of having to break his heart a second time. She told him that while he had everything she looked for on paper, she just didn't feel it with him. Ashley felt that her breakup with Ryan was more difficult than it was with Constantine. She comes across as someone who would rather get hurt than to hurt someone else.

I have the feeling that ABC would like him to become the next Bachelor, but I just don't see sweet Ryan as the type of guy who could systematically reject women every week.

And Then There Were Two

Ashley did have two successful dates this week. Apparently her physical type is Rafael Nadal because Ben looks like his long-lost brother. If JP wants to demonstrate his commitment to Ashley, then he might want to grow some hair.

Ben and Ashley seem to have an easy dynamic. They have great emotional and physical chemistry. He also has an understated sincerity that is very appealing.

Between Ben and JP, I would probably choose Ben. While JP is obviously in it to win, I have to wonder if he could be a bit jealous and controlling. His behavior in Taiwan set off some red flags, and he seems continually hung up on the fact that there are other guys in the competition (despite the fact that this is what he signed up for)!

Of course, Ashley might find his jealousy appealing because it sends the message that he is really into her. It's also hard to deny their strong chemistry.

Next week, "The Bachelorette" will air the "Men Tell All" special. When will Bentley ever leave our TVs for good? What will Constantine have to say about his abrupt exit? Has Ryan moved on?

The finale will also air next week. Will Ashley find long-lasting love this time around?

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