“Once Upon a Time” Co-star Says Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas Are Perfect Couple: Their Cutest Moments Together

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“Once Upon a Time” Co-star Says Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas Are Perfect Couple: Their Cutest Moments Together

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Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas at the 2012 Comic Con

"Once Upon a Time" is finally here as eager fans have been waiting all summer to find out what happens with their favorite story book characters. Just a few months ago, it was confirmed that a real romance was blooming as Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, aka Snow and Charming on the show, were officially dating. This new relationship has led their co-star Lana Parrilla, who plays Regina, the evil queen, to make a statement on how great they are together and that she hopes they end up getting married someday. She thinks they are a perfect pair.

The talented actress also said that even though the two are professional on the set, the charming pair love to show affection for one another by holding hands as they are out and about. In honor of this fairytale romance, here are some of their cutest moments together.

Jack in the Box Flirting

Having lunch never tasted so sweet. The two lovebirds shared more than food on July 5 as they treated themselves to some Jack in the Box and loads of kisses in between bites. Who knew burgers and fries could be so romantic?

Whispering Sweet Nothings

The fairytale couple both looked like high school sweethearts laughing and giggling together in New York City this past May. They seemed to be so in love as they walked hand in hand walking down the street while sipping on coffee. The short haired actress was whispering in her honey's ear while he smiled sweetly at her. It's romance at its best.

Vanity Fair Photo Booth

How cute were they in the Vanity Fair photo booth in March as they made funny faces at each other. The 34-year-old even pretended to put lipstick on her hunky boyfriend's lips. Maybe she was trying to add some bright color to his black suit. Ginnifer matched up with a black lacy dress she wore for the occasion.

Filming Season Two of "Once Upon a Time"

Were they really acting or were they hugging each other while on a break? Who could tell? The pair has been caught in the act of a long embrace both on and off the set. You get the feeling that they love having their special moments in between takes.

Disney Trips

One of Ginnifer's favorite places to head to with her man is Disneyland. It may not be the most romantic places on earth, but hey, this girl doesn't seem to mind. She has Prince Charming on her arm! They have been seen riding the coasters together and having fun. They are just kids at heart.

Love at the Baseball Stadium

The famous couple took a subway to a Yankees baseball game in May as they had a fun day watching America's favorite past time together. They snuggled and held hands as they rooted for their team to win.

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