Olympic Champion Michael Phelps Gets a Reality Show - 3 Reasons It'll Get the Gold

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Olympic Champion Michael Phelps Gets a Reality Show - 3 Reasons It'll Get the Gold

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Michael Phelps will take on golfing in his new reality show.

When you're Michael Phelps, the word "challenge" has a totally different meaning in your life. Phelps, who has won more Olympic medals than any other person in the history of the games, has proven time and again that he's capable of pushing himself to new heights over and over again. Now, word is that Phelps will take his next challenge to the airwaves in a reality TV show.

Phelps will star on "The Haney Project," a competition show on the Golf Channel. The premise of the show is that Phelps will work with Hank Haney, former coach to Tiger Woods, and try to work his way through some of the toughest golf courses in the world. Michael said that he's ready to start a new phase of his life and that, "golf is one of the things I want to focus on." But does he think he'll be able to take on this new sport and succeed? "I think I will be able to shift my competitiveness to anything I put my mind to."

We think Phelps is tailor-made (golf pun!) for this show, and here are three reasons why:

He's The Most Decorated Athlete of Our Time - Even though the show is forcing Michael out of his comfort zone of swimming, you can't get around the fact that he's still easily one of the five or six best athletes of his generation. That means he'll have plenty of focus and drive to make himself be as good as he can be. He might not become a world champion on the links, but we think he'll still hone his skills quite nicely.

Golf And Swimming Are Both Individual Sports - Outside of the relay races in swimming and certain special golf tournaments, typically both sports are all about individual athletes competing not only against other individuals, but against their own previous performances as well. Phelps should benefit from having experience in intensely focusing his training on himself.

He's Charming and Personable - There's no secret that after the 2008 games in Bejing, China, Michael had a little run-in with marijuana possession. He handled that obstacle and distraction candidly but without giving up all his privacy. In post-race interviews, he's always affable, smiling and laughing, whether he won gold, silver or bronze. It's easy to get behind him, and it won't be hard for viewers to be convinced to watch his journey in learning the finer points of golf.

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