Olympic Athlete Lindsey Vonn Owes the IRS $1.7 Million -- Other Celebrities Who Owed Uncle Sam

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Olympic Athlete Lindsey Vonn Owes the IRS $1.7 Million -- Other Celebrities Who Owed Uncle Sam

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Skier Lindsey Vonn is in some hot water over her tax debt.

All over the country, people are preparing to file their taxes with tomorrow's deadline from the Internal Revenue Service looming. Apparently Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn hit a snag with a previous year's returns and owes the IRS a reported $1.7 million in back taxes. According to the Detroit News Vonn's massive tax lien stems from the 2010 tax return she filed with her now estranged husband, apparently not everything was gold for Lindsey that year.

Vonn didn't waste any time responding to the story. On her Facebook page, the 27-year-old winter athlete wrote, I am disappointed with this situation. "I just recently became aware of the outstanding balance and I have done everything in my power to settle it immediately. The money owed was for the 2010 tax year, which was filed on time, and it has been paid in full." Vonn then went on to place some of the fault for the back tax bill on her not having control over her financials, "This is an important lesson for me. Not being in control of my finances and relying on someone else who you believed had your best interest at heart was a mistake and one I will not make twice." Sounds like she may be looking for a new accountant soon.

Vonn is certainly not the first nor last person to make a mistake on their taxes, or to find themselves with a tax bill from a previous year. Over the years, many stars have also found themselves in hot water with Uncle Sam over their taxes. Here now are a few of the more notable cases.

Lionel Richie - Music icon and Nicole Richie's father, Lionel is currently dealing with his own tax troubles. The singer reportedly owes just over a million dollars in back taxes. A lien is also reportedly out on his assets if he fails to pay. There doesn't seem to be any indication either from the government, nor from Richie's team that a solution won't be worked out, as his estate seems to be in good order and fully capable of paying the tax debt.

Pamela Anderson - The blonde bombshell doesn't have any problems with the Federal tax authorities, but the state of California says that Pam owes them about half a million dollars in personal taxes. Considering how notoriously broke the state is, Anderson may want to work quickly with the Franchise Tax Board to settle it. Pam's debt to the state is so high that the state tax board actually published her name on a list of the 500 worst offenders of tax delinquency in the state.

Wesley Snipes - No discussion of celebrity tax woes is complete without at least a brief mention of Snipes. The "Blade" series star is currently serving a sentence for willfully failing to file tax returns for three years. After a period of time on the run from the Feds, Snipes eventually turned himself in and is currently awaiting release from the penitentiary he's at sometime in 2013.

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