The Olsen Twins Quit Acting: Plus Other Stars Who Did the Same

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen grew up in front of the camera taking turns as Michelle on Full House, but now the petite 25 year olds say they're finished with acting. Ashley told Elle UK, "I don't have to be a pretty face. I've done that, but now it's important and liberating to be on the other side of the lens. I don't like to be the center of attention anymore."

The pair have decided to focus on their fashion lines instead. Ashley added, "We worked non-stop until we were 18. Then we decided to take a break and go to school -- and that was when we decided to question whether we would carry on in entertainment,"

The announcement caused a flurry of Twitter posts, with most asking, if they'd ever really started acting. Ashley hasn't been onscreen since her appearance in 2004's "New York Minute," and Mary-Kate has only had a smattering of roles here in there, including 2011's "Beastly," and a short stint on "Weeds" in 2007.

Somehow we don't think many will notice they've disappeared from television or the big screen. They don't intend to leave Hollywood all together, Ashley remarked on Tinsel Town, "I like the way it operates, I like the people who are involved and the sense of possibility. But if I ever get back in, it's not going to be as an actress."

Those who will miss the troll-like blondes will surely get a glimpse of them photographed on the streets in their latest fashions.

The young celebs are not the only pair to decide to end their acting careers early. Freddie Prinze, Jr. told TV Guide back in 2003, ''I'm going to stop acting in the next few years because it's just too weird. You have to constantly be willing to live in a scary, emotional place, which is why actors are in therapy all the time.''

The actor whose famous father, the late actor Freddie Prinze, committed suicide when he was just a baby, recently talked about how he loves being a stay-at-home dad while his wife Sarah Michelle Gellar is busy at work shooting The CW's "Ringer." He's had just a handful of guest appearances on TV, but hasn't had a major role on film in a decade.

In 2010, Amanda Bynes said she was retiring from show biz at the young age of 24. She told her Twitter followers that "Being an actress isn't as fun as it may seem," and " I don't love acting anymore so I've stopped doing it." Finally, she tweets, " I know 24 is a young age to retire but you heard it here first I've retired."

Just a month later the "What I Like About You" star said that she was "unretiring," though we haven't seen her a lot since then.

For those who will sorely miss the Olsen twins, perhaps they will follow suit and have a change of heart, though somehow we think television viewers and movie goers have made that decision for them.

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