The Olsen Twins' Epic Tyra Banks Diss

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The Olsen Twins' Epic Tyra Banks Diss

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The Olsen Twins' Epic Tyra Banks Diss

While the Olsen twins have never been known to be the nicest, this is just downright cold!

Looks like Ashley and Mary-Kate are not exactly Tyra Banks fans, since they decided to give away their personalized copies of her book Modelland to NYC's Housing Works Bookstore.

"We seem to have gotten a donation of Tyra Banks' 'fantasy novel' Modelland," the bookstore wrote on their Tumblr, "with with one copy for Ashley Olsen and one for Mary-Kate Olsen."

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Tyra's Post-it dedications to the twins to "SMIZE!" (for Ashley) and "Stay fierce and fabulous!" (for Mary-Kate) are clearly visible inside the books, making the cavalier giveaway that much more embarrassing.

Housing Works Bookstore then added insult to injury, selling both for the bargain price of $100 -- which only one person bid for and won.

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But give Tyra a break -- Modelland can be no worse than LC's L.A. Candy, Nicole Richie's The Truth About Diamonds or Hilary Duff's Elixir, right?

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