Olivia Wilde's Crazy Comments About Sex: Other Celebs' Odd Oversharing of Intimate Moments

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Olivia Wilde's Crazy Comments About Sex: Other Celebs' Odd Oversharing of Intimate Moments

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Olivia Wilde revealed just a little too much about her sex life with Jason Sudeikis

Olivia Wilde recently revealed a pretty wild detail about her sex life.

While delivering a monologue at the "These Girls" event in NYC, she said that she and boyfriend Jason Sudeikis "have sex like Kenyan marathon runners." Her "Saturday Night Live" lover will no doubt get a big ego boost now that the world knows about what goes on in his bedroom, but Olivia's ex-hubby Tao Ruspoli didn't fare so well during her speech. Here's what she said about her sex life with him: "I felt like my vagina died." So her va-jay-jay went from being on life support to competing in the Olympics. That's pretty impressive.

Olivia also had this to say to women whose sex lives are lacking the excitement and intensity of "50 Shades of Grey:" "[Men] are not allowed to be the only ones thinking with their genitals." So following your lady parts instead of your heart is the real secret to finding true love.

Olivia might have overshared a bit by talking about her lady bits' death and resurrection, but she's not the only celeb who has shared TMI about her sex life. Here's a look at a few other offenders:

Kristen Stewart

Before K-Stew cheated on Robert Pattinson, she told Vogue this about their stinky sex life: "I love the way he smells. And him me. Like, he loves to lick under my armpits. I don't get this obsession with washing the smell off." Maybe this has something to do with why Rob really took Kristen back - she's the only gal he's found who is fine with his freaky fetish. Now she can resume using his tongue in place of antiperspirant.

Kanye West

Yeezy recently paid tribute to Kim Kardashian with this short but sweet tweet that he quickly decided to delete: "I just f--ked Kim so hard." Kim and Kanye have both starred in sex tapes, so is it any surprise that they're fine with sharing intimate details about their love life with the world?


This singer recently made one of the creepiest sex claims that you'll ever hear. She revealed to Ryan Seacrest that her new album features a song about "sexy time with a ghost," and she said this about her Casper Casanova: "It's about experiences with the supernatural... but in a sexy way. I had a couple of experiences with the supernatural. I don't know his name! He was a ghost! I'm very open to it." You know why this is TMI? Because this kind of crazy talk can get you committed!

So which of these celebs' sexy stories disturbs you the most?

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