Olivia Wilde Returning for 'House' Finale: Other Stars that Returned for Final Episodes

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Fans of the popular medical drama "House" have been moping ever since they learned that the hit show was ending its long run after this season. However, they have reason to smile because a familiar face is returning for the final episode. Olivia Wilde will reprise her role as Thirteen when the Fox series airs its final episode on May 21. The character has not appeared since October when Dr. House decided to fire her so that she could live her life in happiness. With her return in the finale, dedicated "House" fans will get some closure with the ill-fated doctor.

In real life, the beautiful actress has been working hard on movies like "The Longest Week" and "Blackbird." It is certainly great to see her back for one more episode. This isn't the first time that an actor has returned for the final episode of a show they previously left. Here are some other stars that made similar comebacks on their hit shows.

Shelley Long - "Cheers"

After spending the first five seasons of the hit series as Diane, the actress decided to leave the show and focus on her film career. It is safe to say that "Cheers" had a much more successful run than she did after the split. The sitcom remained a huge hit for six more seasons while Long struggled to make it on the big screen. She finally returned in the series finale as Diane tried to win Sam's heart once and for all. The romance between the two characters wasn't meant to be but it was a satisfying conclusion to their complicated relationship.

Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace - "That 70's Show"

Both actors bolted the popular sitcom for bigger things before the final season. Ashton stuck around to make a few guest appearances before returning for the bulk of the last episode. However, Grace was nowhere to be seen until the final moments of series finale. Fans that were hoping to see Eric reunite with his pals had to settle for an emotional moment with Donna. It was a brief return but it did the trick and sent the series off on a high note.

Michael Rosenbaum - "Smallville"

How could you have a finale to this Superman-based show without his main nemesis? As Lex Luthor, Rosenbaum was arguably the best actor on the long-running series. He skipped out on the final three seasons to do other things but "Smallville" didn't forget about him. The character's disappearance became a growing mystery that was finally solved in the last episode. The actor returned as a clone of Lex Luthor to give fans one last showdown between hero and villain.

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