Olivia Newton's John Daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, Releases Controversial Debut Music Video

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Chloe Lattanzi, the daughter of Olivia Newton-John and Matt Lattanzi, has released her much-anticipated debut music video. She has been sharing her music online via MySpace since 2007, and fans have followed her career through the years. The talented 25-year-old writes all of her own songs and has a distinctly unique voice and style.

Now, Chloe is stepping out as an artist with a strong debut music video in a follow-up to her international debut single, "Wings and a Gun." While the title of the latter single may evoke violent imagery in a more whimsical way, her first-ever officially released music video to the song "Play With Me" is very much in-your-face with its passionate message.

The artistic choices within the style of the music video seem to be an expression of the pain within the meaning of the song. The song itself is an electro-heavy tune about unexpected love. It allows Chloe's singing voice to shine, and it's easy to picture this song as the soundtrack to many clubs around the country.

Chloe's music video to her song "Play With Me" takes the viewer on a dark journey that seems to unravel a story of unrequited love. Chloe plays a dramatic role as a woman who seems to achingly in love that she is willing to do anything, including self-annihilation and suicide, in order to get the attention she's seeking from the one she loves.

The video opens with a shockingly disturbing image of a man using the bathroom, newspaper in hand, ignoring the character played by Chloe as she preps for suicide and sings longingly. The violent imagery then includes graphic wrist slashing over clothing, electrocution in the bathtub, drug use, and rotting flesh on the arm of the singer as she croons. She appears to be bleeding out on a bed while pulsating as she sings. The imagery is deeply disturbing and is age-protected. Yet, suicide has long been used in art as its a part of life for many who experience those feelings or lose loved ones to it, and it's used here to evoke the sharp pain of love unreturned.

See it for yourself on the official Talkboy TV channel on YouTube. Comments vary greatly. No artist can expect universal acceptance, but one thing is clear. Chloe is doing her music her way.

When Chloe appeared on "Rock the Cradle," an MTV reality series that had children of rock stars competing against one another, Belinda Carlisle once commented, "I love the way you make me feel so uncomfortable."

Chloe does things her way, and she doesn't go the traditional route for singers and music videos. That's one of the many things that make the video unforgettable. It may not be a video that is easy to watch, but it definitely stays with you. The song itself is one that you'll find yourself repeating in your head, as Chloe's voice is unlike what you've heard before. Be prepared to take a journey with her music.

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