It's Official: Ryan Reynolds is Highlander, Plus 10 Actors Who Would Look Better in a Kilt

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There can be only one, and apparently it's Ryan Reynolds. Like it or not, the "Green Lantern" actor will be taking on the on the lead role as eternal warrior, Connor MacLeod, in the upcoming "Highlander" reboot slated to come out next year.

The kilty redux will once again focus on a Scottish clansman who must battle other immortals via swords until only one of them survives.

And, since the original Russell Mulcahy cult classic saw American-born-yet-somehow-French actor Christopher Lambert playing a Scotsman while Sean Connery channeled his inner Spaniard, Ryan Reynolds can't possibly make this B-movie any worse.

Knock on wood.

Despite it's less than stellar pop culture status, "Highlander" does have a devoted fan base - four sequels, two live-action TV series, the introduction of hunky Adrian Paul as clansman Duncan McLeod, and terms like "the quickening" making into the fannish lexicon are pretty solid proof - giving the remake the benefit of the doubt when it comes to potential success at the box office.

And who knows, the "Highlander" reboot might be the ideal role for Reynolds. He could just be the happy medium between Lambert and Paul. Maybe.

At least he knows swords.

As for pulling off a believable Scottish brogue and looking foxy in a kilt? Questionable.

Besides, Mel Gibson and Liam Neeson did it first, and they're tough acts to follow, as are these 10 actors who would fill out a rugged man-skirt quite nicely:

Ewan MacGregor

No matter what the Scottish-born actor wears - a rat tail and robes as Obi-Wan Kenobi in "Star Wars" or a tux and tails as poet Christian in "Moulin Rouge" - he manages to make it work in his favor.

Kevin McKidd

This hot Scot of "Grey's Anatomy" fame (Cristina + McScotty forever!) recently took his an animated turn as Lord MacGuffin in Disney-Pixar's "Brave," making kilt-wearing in public a matter of Scottish pride, don't you think?

Clive Owen

Known for being a true gentlemen, not to mention a superstar in Hollywood, the smooth Englishman has good-looking legs, too. Just saying.

Taylor Kitsch

He looked mighty fine in a loincloth as the like-named title character in Disney's "John Carter," making a kilt a natural progression in terms, no?

Gerard Butler

His well-muscled performance in "300" is reason enough.

Channing Tatum

Two words: "Magic Mike."

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Those who watched his lusty portrayal of King Henry VIII in the Showtime series "The Tudors," know that if he can make heavy ruffled collars and blousy shirts look hot, then there's no reason why he can't distract just as much in less.

Kellan Lutz

Best known for playing hunky Emmett Cullen in Stephanie Meyers' "Twilight," his favorite scene from the latest installment is the arm wrestling scene between his character and Kristen Stewart's Bella. Translation: Highland Games.

Tom Welling

Scottish Superman? That would definitely make things in Metropolis much more interesting.

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