Odd Baby Names Celebs Give Their Children

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Alicia Silverstone also has a "Blu" in her family.

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Alicia Silverstone also has a "Blu" in her family.

Wanting to give your child a unique name is normal, but some celebrities may go a little too far when they strive for novelty. When news hit on January 7th that Beyonce gave birth to her first child, no one anticipated that she and Jay-Z would name their child after a primary color -- Blue Ivy Carter. This left some fans thinking the couple randomly pulled some words out of a hat when deciding a name for their daughter. In any case, the couple is delighted to have their daughter, and this is not the first time a celebrity has come up with an odd baby name.

Alicia Silverstone

Just last spring, the former 'Clueless' star gave birth to her first child, a son, and named him Bear Blu Jarecki. She never explained why she gave the name "Bear" to her baby, but she is adamant that she is happy with the new addition to her family. Silverstone had kinda dropped off the acting radar in recent years, focusing more on major lifestyle changes that involved going vegan. She published a book titled "The Kind Diet" and incorporated it with an online blog, which illustrates how to start and maintain a vegan lifestyle.

Gweneth Paltrow

In 2004, this Oscar award winning actress was ready for a break. Her daughter came as a true blessing, and she made it clear she was wanting a rest from her boundless career to focus on her personal life. But when she announced the name of her first born child, Apple Blythe Allison Martin, it left quite a few people befuddled. Her husband, Chris Martin (of the band, Coldplay), simply explained the name "Apple" was just a "cool" name.

Jason Lee

Tapping into his creative side, this comedic actor had a son with ex-girlfriend Beth Riesgraf and named him Pilot Inspektor in 2003. Lee is well known for his role as a lottery-winner-gone-good-Samaritan in the TV series, 'My Name is Earl'. Lee had a second child in 2008 with Ceran Alkac and wanted to keep the second child's life a little more private, so the baby's name was never announced to the public.

Shannyn Sossamon

The daring name Sossamon gave her first born child, Audio Science, still boggles the mind. She gave birth Audio in 2003 and when word spread about the unusual name, the ex-"Knight's Tale" star explained, "We wanted a word not a name, so my boyfriend read through the dictionary three or four times." Well, she didn't exactly pull words out of a hat, but that's pretty darn close.

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