Nude Stars and Nude Stalkers: Celebrites Like Scarlett Johannson With Crazy Stalkers

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Scarlett Johansson couldn't have been happy about the nude photos hacked from her cell phone.

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Scarlett Johansson couldn't have been happy about the nude photos hacked from her cell phone.

What is it with stars and stalkers sans clothing these days? Did we miss a memo somewhere? No, we're not talking about the fashion-forward. We're talking about the unfortunate tendency for stars and their stalkers to end up wearing nothing but cuffs or nude on the net.

Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis and Christina Aguilera can rest easy. Celebrity hacker Christopher Chaney, 35, faces up to 121 years in prison for hacking their email accounts and distributing photos, including naughty nudes of ScarJo, and other personal information on the net. Chaney, who's free on $10,000 bond, says he's remorseful and would like to settle the charges without a trial as long as the terms are reasonable.

We have a feeling that his idea of reasonable isn't going to line up with what his more than 50 victims think, including a woman whose photos he posted to porn sites starting when she was just 13 years old.

But hey, at least he wasn't waving a Fudgesicle in their bedrooms.

Veteran actor Nicolas Cage told reporters that he woke up at 2 a.m. to find a naked man at the foot of his bed wearing one of Cage's leather jackets and eating a Fudgesicle. While it's possible that the ice-cream-loving intruder stripped to avoid drips, Cage declined to press charges because the man's clothes weren't the only things to be not all there. As for the leather jacket, we wouldn't have wanted it back either.

Naked lesbian stalker, anyone? Even the girls from Girls Aloud thought the situation was funny at first when they discovered a naked female fan in their dressing room. Later, after realizing that the woman had been following them everywhere, they changed their tune from funny-ha-ha to funny-peculiar.

We're sure there are plenty of men who would swim across Biscayne Bay for a chance to be with blonde tennis beauty Anna Kournikova, but one obsessed fan took the idea a little too far and not far enough. A little too far because there were no trunks on his junk, and not far enough because he climbed out of the water three doors down from the object of his naked affection. Can you say restraining order? We thought you could.

It's hard to say which is worse, feeling stupid because the nude photos you took with your own cell phone got plastered all over the net by a hacker, or feeling violated because a peephole perv took naked videos of you in secret. No, on second thought, we're sure: Erin Andrews has it worse.

In summary, we offer the following as a public service announcement: No matter which side of star-stalker divide you're on, please do us all a favor and keep your clothes on, your passwords strong, and your digital gadgets in the off position.

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